Refutation of that imaginary ...
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in theism - 042401)

... being, that perceived top-most and biggest and baddest,
referred to, by many, as God ...

Humans don't know everything. Whatever falls into the
area of the unknown, many humans claim God.

o Many humans claim a son of that God.

o Many humans claim feelings and direction by ultimate
answer for all unknowns, authority beyond reproach or
thought or doubt, are equivalent to that God.

o Many humans replace the emotion of love with that God.

o Many humans replace the emotion of hate with that God.

o Many humans replace the emotion of revenge with that

o Many humans replace the desire for control with that God.

o Many humans replace the desire for immortality with that

Quite a few humans, clearly, see the infantile substitution
mechanism at play in the God trip, and refute God based
not on any box without God in it, but based simply on
the knowledge that God is little more than a substitute
for human emotions and fear, an icon of ultimate authority,
delusion, and deceit, a total mental blow-job for those
unable or unwilling to deal with human emotion from the
standpoint of reality.

My refutation is that all of these claims are inspired by
childhood brainwashing, fear of the unknown, pressure
to conform, edicts to submit to authority, social peer
pressure, fear of death, desire for immortality, desire
for something to be out there putting some degree of
sense into that which it is to live, need to be accepted,
need to be considered good, need to be sexually ac-
ceptable by those who consider God belief to be akin
to sexual viability, need to be OK with the powers that
be that consider God belief to be required for confirm-
ation as acceptable in the world of rules and conformity,

Oh well, rambling there, but you get my drift, I'm sure.

The clearest refutation of God is that if there is one worthy
of actions on the part of humans, he/it/she/they should be
able to do a better job of revealing himself/itself/herself/
themselves than he/she/it/they have been able to pull off
up to now.

Until he/she/it/they does a better job of it, I feel confident
in living out my one and only sure shot at life on this earth,
at this time, with the certain knowledge that no God worthy
of my worship, my time, my fear, does, in fact, exist.

I suggest you and yours do the same.