Religion? It's all about the children
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As I've mentioned on multiple occasions, the key to
separating humankind from religious myth is to somehow
find a way to deal with the tendency for humans to
surround their children with the myths in a never-ending
cycle of brainwashing from one generation to the next.

For validation of this view, see the following:

The Cultural Origins of Human Cognition,
by Michael Tomasello

Key Excerpt:

"... Although never mentioned explicitly, Tomasello's
ideas, studies, and those he refers to provide evidence
of humans--especially young humans--as 'meme

As he states on page 160

}}} 'Young children's very strong tendency to imitate what others
}}} are doing thus shows up again and again in their early cognitive
}}} development, leading to the conclusion that the early childhood
}}} period is largely concerned with children's entry into the world
}}} of culture through their mastery of the artifacts and conventions  
}}} that predate their arrival on the scene--which they may then
}}} adapt for creative uses as their mastery progresses.'

This makes sense from an evolutionary perspective. Those
that are good copiers at an early age (i.e., through their early
and basic, innate instincts) would have had a much better
chance of survival thousands of years ago when our ancestors
lived in a wild and dangerous environment.

Additionally, they would have fit in better with the primitive
society of the time--allowing themselves the protection of the
group as they grew older and additional chances to reproduce.

The problem for us now may be that we get so stuck in our
follow the leader and follow others rut that we don't mentally
mature enough, or fast enough, as we grow older. Hence,
instead of examining the probable results of our actions and
the flaws in the traditions of our inheritance, we continue to
go down the road we are used to and the one everyone else
is headed down instead of rising above our instinct of copying
without thinking. ..."