Response to an Islamic Proselytizer
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 071407)

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The following post is in response to an
Islamic proselytizer:

> Characteristics contained in the Holy Quran that a  
true Believer (a momin) should adopt are:
>1. To believe in the unseen

I accept that there are many unseen
aspects of naturalism, and many un-
seeable, like black holes, but logically
present by the evidence presented for
their existence, and their impact on the

As for supernatural posits, it all comes
across as derived from ancient 'make

> 2. To observe prayer

Anyone can pray to anything, but I think
the prayer you're referring to is a subset
of the total prayer possible. I find that
accepting the naturalistic to be as em-
powering as reality allows, and walking
on the imaginary side to be both apart
from verity and dangerous, as exhibited
by islamic terrorists who pray as they mur-
der others and as they commit suicide/
mass murder.

> 3. To spend in the way of Allah

I spend in the way of the United States of
America, with a substantial part going to
the tax man, a substantial part going to stay
alive, a modest part going to entertainment
and pleasure, a substantial part going to the
ex-wife (a part I'm opposed to, but forced
to spend).

> 4. To believe in that which was revealed to the
> Holy Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah
> be on him)

Anyone can claim to be speaking for Allah,
even though your ancient literature said
Muhammad was the last guy authorized to
do so.

All that's missing is Allah, for anyone can
claim anything when it comes to magic be-
ings and places. Many have. See the reli-
gious texts without an Allah in them for a

> 5. To believe in that which was revealed before the
> Holy Prophet (may peace and blessings of Allah be
> on him)

Well, 4 and 5 only differ by the word 'to'
being changed to 'before', so see the
response to 4 for the response to 5.

> 6. To believe in the Hereafter / what is to come.
> [ al-baqra v- 3 to 6]

I accept the naturalistic end in this life to
be the almost certain naturalistic end, but
also accept that the desire to live in a
pleasant way for a very long time, if not
forever, is strong with most of us. I sus-
pect that it's that desire, as well as fear,
that led to the creation of all the world's
religions, including the one you're follow-

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By the way, do you disagree with islamic
terrorism -and- with the islamic scriptures
that seem to support/cause that terror?

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