The Root of All Evil? Video
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The Root of All Evil?
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See the article for a lengthy discussion of
the topic.

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The following videos, well-produced, both
visually and in content, describe some of
the dangers of indoctrinating children into
religious faith from a very young age, with
Richard Dawkins the featured speaker, and
with Dawkins' interviews with religious pro-
ponents also featured.

As for root of all evil, I suppose that's a
reference to religious statements regarding
the root of all evil residing outside of religion,
when point-in-fact, religion has been contri-
butory or complicit or directly involved in an
alarming number of crimes against humanity
that have occurred throughout recorded his-
tory, and in recent times.

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Cautionary note -- the religious myth of hell
is shown in vivid detail (in 2 of the following
videos), so carefully consider the psycholog-
ical impact of the parts of the videos which
might adversely impact children, or which
might strengthen children to be able to resist
or recover from the scare tactics of religions
they either have already been exposed to or
will likely be exposed to in the future.
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Root of All Evil
(10 videos from Richard Dawkins)
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Root of All Evil -- Episode 1 (1 of 5)

Suicide Bombers, Non-Thinking Called Faith,
Religious Extremism, Religious Faith Dis-
courages Independent Thought / It's Divisive
and Dangerous, Religious Reinforcement,
Virgin Myth Perpetuated, Science and Faith
are Deeply Opposed

Root of All Evil -- Episode 1 (2 of 5)

Religion Relies on Passage of Time to Turn
'Made Up' Tales Into What People Believe
as 'Facts', Religion Thrives on Unsolved
Mystery, Science is About Testing & Cor-
roborating Evidence, Natural Selection (Not
a Divine Designer) Was the Sculptor of Life,
In the Bible Belt ... America Evangelical
Christians are Fighting Back Against Science

Root of All Evil -- Episode 1 (3 of 5)

Ted Haggard Colorado Conservative Evan-
gelical Megachurch, Evangelicals are Deny-
ing Scientific Evidence Just to Support
Bronze Age Myths,  Colorado Freethinkers

Root of All Evil -- Episode 1 (4 of 5)

Colorado Freethinkers (continued), In New
York - Madrid - London We've Seen the
Religious Insanities of the Middle East
Penetrate the Heart of the Secular West,
This is the Holy Land - Where the Terrible
Certainties of  Faith Began & Still Rage,
Religion's Irrational Roots Nourish Intol-
erance to the Point of Murder, Muslim's
Dome of the Rock

Root of All Evil -- Episode 1 (5 of 5)

The Solid Walls That Religion Put Up,
Religious Hatred, Point of View of a
Particular Muslim, Teapot Atheists,
We Are All Atheists About Most of the
Gods Societies Have Ever Believed In
-- Some of Us Just Go One God Further

Root of All Evil -- Episode 2 (1 of 5)

Faith Acts Like a Virus That Attacks the
Young & Infects Generation After Gener-
ation, It's Time to Question the Abuse of
Childhood Innocence with Superstitious
Ideas of Hellfire & Damnation, Scriptural
Roots of Judeo-Christian Moral Edifice
are Cruel & Brutish, Religion is Bad for
Our Children & It's Bad for You, Sectarian
Education Has Proved to be Deeply Damag-
ing -- It Has Left a Terrible Legacy

Root of All Evil -- Episode 2 (2 of 5)

We Live in the Shadow of a Religiously
Inspired Terror in an Era When Science
Has Plainly Shown Religious Superstitions
to be False,  A.ccelerated C.hristian E.duc-
cation, When it Comes to Children -- Think
of Religion as a Dangerous Virus, If You
Tell a Child That When it Dies It's Going
to Roast Forever in Hell That's Abusive

Root of All Evil -- Episode 2 (3 of 5)

Hell Houses, Pastor Keenan Believes You
Have to Scare People Into Being Good,
The God of the Old Testament Has Got
to be the Most Unpleasant Character in
All of Fiction -- Jealous & Proud of It --
Petty -- Vindictive -- Unjust -- Unforgiving
-- Racist -- An Ethnic Cleanser Urging His
People on to Acts of Genocide

Root of All Evil -- Episode 2 (4 of 5)

New Testament Theology / Risks, While
Religious Fundamentalists Betray Reason
Moderate Believers Betray Reason and
Faith Equally (Fence-Sitting, They Half
Believe in the Bible,  but How do They
Decide Which Parts to Believe Literally
& Which Parts are Just Allegorical)

Root of All Evil -- Episode 2 (5 of 5)

Religion is Simply a Parasite on a Much
Older Moral Sense, Morality Stems Not
From Some Fictional Deity & His Text but
From Altruistic Genes That Have Been
Naturally Selected in our Evolutionary Past,
We Have a Moral Conscience & a Mutual
Empathy & It is Constantly Evolving, This
Gift of Empathy Seems to be the Building
Block of Our Moral System, Atheism is Life-
Affirming in a way that Religion Can Never