A skeptical view of christianity
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in christianity - 030505)

To a response from a poster perplexed regarding
my doubt and disbelief in christianity, I offered the

Surely, you can appreciate the perspectives I've
provided regarding reasons for doubt and disbe-
lief in a wide range of presentments made by many
christians, and surely you recognize that the old +
new testamyth is loaded with anti-humanism, don't

Aside from that, let's focus on the central theme of
christianity for a moment.

Let's just take ... oh I dunno, a man dying. You know
what? Billions have died. Some guy wrote a fanciful
story that one guy died and came to life. Big fiz, 'cause
per this story, the guy was son-of-god, he says. God?
Well, don't bother with that, just believe that such a
thing exists, 'cause after all, how could a guy be a
son of a god that didn't exist, right?

Anyone can claim anything. Many say you believe
that a certain bloke died and came back to life, this
son-of-god dude, or (and now it gets really bizarre),
some superbeing is going to

a) ignore you, let your death be the end of you,
'cause you didn't believe a man/god died and
came to life for a while


b) raise you from the dead, judge you, and toss
you into a lake of fire to be tortured, short-term,
because you didn't believe a man/god died and
came to life for a while


c) raise you from the dead, judge you, and roast you
for eternity because you didn't believe a man/god
died and came back to life for a while

Now, that's what your religion teaches, really, that's
it in a nutshell. No matter how many embellishments
and apologies and yes-buts and well-that's-one-view-
but and so on and so forth, the kernel of your faith
is believe a dude (a supposed son-of-god) died and
came back to life for a while, or else.

Anyone can make a claim. Christians make tons of
them. Why in the name of all that is veritable and esti-
mable should we, human beings on planet earth in the
year 2005 C.E., believe that belief in some dude (a
so-called son-of-god) dying and rising from the dead
almost 2,000 years ago is the most important aspect
of this, our one and only certain chance at life?

You know why, per christians, really? Because the
christian faith *depends* on that notion to *survive*,
that's why. That's what it's all about, christian church
perpetuation, getting money into church coffers, keep-
ing their christian clubs going, and (for really extreme
devotees like George W Bush) pushing their religious
belief system into every aspect of secular life they can
get their hands on.

They believe (pretend) that belief in a dead man (a sup-
posed son-of-god) coming to life is absolutely essential
to get some immortality, and by God (as if such a thing
exists), they're bound and determined to believe (pre-
tend) that that's what life is all about as if their (and our)
very lives depended on it.

Evidence? Not their problem.

Doubt? Disdained, unless it's doubt towards naturalism
and non-christian faiths that you're talking about.

Disbelief? Hey, they've been taught that's 'evil', 'sin',
and by God (as if such a thing exists), they're bound
and determined to treat that as the worst possible 'sin'.
Why? That's what their religious authority figures taught
them ever since they were babies/little children in church.

And so-on and so-forth.

Dead man -- live man -- believe or else -- no evidence
offered -- no heaven shown -- no hell unveiled -- no god
doing anything other than what folks pretend a god would
do (like, as in a sky buddy helping them and people they
like, sometimes, when he/it/they/she feels like it, and for
some believers, hurting folks, sometimes, when the sky
buddy gets the notion to do so -- sounds rather mythical
when put in those terms, doesn't it?) ...

... nothing but assertions-sans-evidence, contradictory
and irreconcilable claims-out-the-wazoo, and, well, when
you've got something other than everything I've mentioned
to offer, some version of christianity (a personal one you've
come up with, perhaps) that deviates from that which I've
mentioned, *significantly*, please do get back to me, and
update me on your version of christianity.

When you've got a god, you know, one that differs from
someone claiming they've got a god, please do be sure
to get back to me. Hey, and if god's too busy to make an
appearance or revelation, get an angel, devil, demon,
spirit, or christ to do something, really convincing, as that
would do for a starter, perhaps, as if.

After all, you must understand that anyone can claim
they've got a god (or some other supernatural thingie)
on their side, and many do, but claims do not a god or
faith or believe-or-else approach to life validate, sub-
stantiate, or justify in any way, shape or form, in my

If you want to carry around a lucky rabbit's foot, for
example, feel free but don't be surprised if when you
try to get the pledge of allegiance changed to "one
nation under your lucky rabbit's foot", if some people
refuse to join into your lucky rabbit's foot faith. God?
Same deal, only since God is the biggest, baddest,
supposed most 'loving' no matter what "rabbit's foot"
many folks in America pretend exists, lots of folks
like to treat it as if doubting in it was ...

... well, just read your bible to ascertain how folks (and
the supposed god thingie) tend to treat disbelievers
and doubters in there, most often, and ponder how all
that brainwashing impacts folks from childhood ...

- - -