So, You Believe or You Don't ...
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 010703)

... as you're walking down the lane of life, what
difference does it really make? No, I don't mean
what difference does it make to those around
you, I mean what difference does it really make?

You must understand, most everyone in the western
world knows it's a game, a con, a make believe
scenario, the god trap. As for how folks really feel,
in other parts of the world, like the Arab-influenced
Islamic cultures? Same deal, as for understanding
the pretense and make believe of the whole god(s)
show, it's just that the pretense is at a much higher

Really, with nothing to show for god(s), it's only
when someone begins threatening folks that the
whole pretense show takes over, the whole "you
better believe or else" -or- "you better do ____
or you'll get your ass thrown in jail, or worse, like
hell" ...

Every iota of god-stuff is leveraged off of threat /
fear. Some would say, well, the god crew offers
eternal life, so shouldn't disbelievers listen to 'em,
for that reason? Sheesh, offering eternal life, what
do they have to show for it? Nada.

Anyone can offer eternal life, but with nothing to
show for it, there you go, there it is, nothing.

Do ______ or believe ______ or jump through
______ or invest in ______, and you know what
you got? Nothing. Empty claims, promises with
nothing to show for it, cons, and simply the human
desire for eternal life to sustain the pretense.

Believe or not, big whoop. All-in-all, it's simply the
difference between pretending that other-worlds
and afterlives exist -or- accepting that which is the
nature of being, in this, our one and only *sure*
chance at existence.

Does calling pretense "belief" alter the nature of
pretense? No. Does accepting the nature of being,
a mysterious journey through a world of unknowns,
alter the nature of that which is our one and only
*sure* chance at existence? No.

All-in-all, it's all the same for all of us (in absolute
terms, though our individual experiences, beliefs,
and disbeliefs vary widely, for our physical natures
of birth - life - death bind us as a common entity in
this adventure), believe it or not ...

- - -