Super-God / God in a Box?
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Supreme super-being
Supreme goodies forever provider
Supreme damnation forever invoker
Supreme judge
Supremely disinvolved
Supremely involved in all
Supreme lover
Supreme hater
Supremely irresponsible
Supremely right
Supremely wrong
Supremely good
Supremely evil
Supremely supreme
Supremely impotent
Supremely ...

... Just a few supremes, there, but really, if you were
a superstitious human being seeking to use the supreme
be-all end-all OK'er/Damner of all deeds, good and bad,
pro and con, wouldn't God or gods be it? I mean, how
much bigger than God or gods can one's imagination
take them? Can anyone out-God the human concept
called God?

If one cannot, does that not suggest that God is the
ultimate psychological manifestation of human emotion,
the ultimate expression of human anxiety, the ultimate
expression of human fear, hate, love, desire?

- - -

Well ... actually, in the modern age, with our awareness
of the workings/natural origins of matter/space/time/energy
and the all-but incalculable vastness of our universe, perhaps
one of an all-but infinite array/panoply bubbling foam of
universes ... <deep breath> ...

All you have to do to whip up a Super-God is to subordinate
God to a more powerful entity, thereby relegating the chris-
tian God and the gods of all other faiths to a mere piece of
the puzzle. God of every form/fashion/faith, quite easy to deal
with and understand if one of faith is willing to concede a higher
power, one over God, one better than God, one less involved
on this earth / in this universe / within this plain of existence,
than is God or than are gods, eh?

Rather deflates the whole value of faith in God (apart from
other perspectives/philosophies/views), doesn't it, as it
removes the 'ultimate' aspect of the equation and diminishes
God to mere human constructs of ultimate fantasies which
can never, in essence, end as there is always a super-construct
that can be placed above the human-construct known as God ...

There can always exist, in the realm of faith, a Super-God
above God, a set of rules beyond human comprehension,
an ultimate reality above the plain of reality created/grasped
by ancients ... in essence, limitless (all-but infinite) faith in
God can never end as to end it, you must end your faith in
that as yet uncreated Super-God beyond the God(s) you've
invested your faith in.

Super-God, as it were, totally not one with the actions of
God. Don't bother with faith in God, take that next supreme
leap, faith in God's God, faith in an all-knowing, all-powerful,
all-good God of God, answerable to no God, punisher and
condemner of God, for you see, in Super-God's mind, God
is but a child without the means/manners to run a universe
properly. God's God, of course, bears ultimate responsibility
for God, and ...

yet there's that Super-Duper-God above Super-God ... and
so on and so forth ...

Can't everyone see how nonsensical it all becomes when you
travel to the world of faith/ultimates as logically, it can never
end. One can logically always supercede another's God, it's
simply a matter of logistics/excuses/explanations/faith.

But no, say those of the supreme God - their God is *the*
one and only supreme God of ALL and CANNOT be
subordinate to anything, not time, not space, not another
superior God, which brings us back to our original perception
of God, as the ultimate manifestation of human ego for humans
have restrained that God, limited that God, subordinated that
God to nothing less than human-centered self-absorption,
an all-but infinite array of nothing but the human God, the
be-all end-all of ALL ... the id, the ego, the super-ego, the
parameters by which humans of faith insist on defining and
limiting ourselves/their God ...

... such is the ultimate nature of the ultimate God, a God of
no power/all power, a God of <cycle in religions/myths here,
make up your own, run with it knowing that any non-falsifiable
claim has equal demerit - it's just the social/cultural constraints/
expectations you must deal with>.

Can God lie? Can God kill? Can God torture? It *is* God,
after all, or so your faith would have us believe. How can
you limit your God? Are *you* God? Is your holy document
God? What makes it holy, *you*/your favorite authority
figure, God?

No peace, no rest, no answers, just a reflection of humans'
inability to know / desire to control and the ultimate excuse
is faith in faith in faith in ... ad infinitum, with the ultimate
of ultimates being 'faith', for even God cannot disprove
Super-God who cannot disprove Super-Duper-God who
cannot ... 'faith' can never end - if you turn on that spigot,
and justify following merely out of 'faith', how do you ever
justify *not* having faith ...

It just keeps coming bounded only by social convenience/
approval as truth is not the issue here - it's just conformity
we're talking - all else is subordinate to conforming/going
along/pretending that whatever construct one limits their God
or gods by, that is the end - that is the end of faith - that is the
end of all for one cannot / must not subordinate their ultimate
of ultimates for to do so is to diminish their faith ...

'Faith' X rules - a 'faith' willing to deny all other 'faiths' - a
faith of ultimate constraint / an end to God/Super-God/All
Gods other than that human-constructed God in a box, for
all to worship/fear/love/hate/bend over backwards to please,
and always, never forget, keep it in that box.

So, there you have it, for those of faith, faith in fear of God
in a box, human constructed by human means for human ends,
-or-, to keep God out of the box, faith in an ever-expanding
array of Super-Gods which can never be bounded, for such
is the nature of boundless faith.