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For those of you who disbelieve in the God of Wrath
angle, consider the way in which the following indi-
vidual was exposed to the faith growing up, and how
that exposure led her to believe in a God of Wrath.

Ponder how your religion might be altered to be
a much more positive force rather than a gloom
and doom believe or else faith which is the motif
that Linda and her fellow God of Wrath followers
adhere to ...

January 11, 2005

by Linda Creech, Centerville

Tsunami should be a heads-up about God's power


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When we look at the destruction and death caused
by the tsunami in south Asia, a lot of people think it
is the wrath of God. And it could very well be just that.
They say there hasn't been anything this bad in 40

Well, I haven't seen anything this bad in my lifetime
and I'm 58 years old. Not even the earthquake that
hit California years ago was this bad. If this tsunami
doesn't put the fear of God in you, I don't know what

There is only one God. And He is all powerful. And
He can destroy both body and soul. That's something
to think about. You won't know what month, day, year
or time you will die. So you had better be ready to
meet your maker.

Because I tell you the truth, the end is coming and
coming soon. This is nothing compared to what is yet
to come. If you're not ready, you had better get ready.

Be sure you know where you want to spend eternity,
heaven or hell. You only have two choices, heaven or
hell, whichever it will be, it will be for eternity. I do not
advise anyone to choose hell. It's really bad there.
You're tormented for eternity.

Heaven is paradise. A life of peace and love, forever
with Jesus.

If you can't help those hit by the tsunami, please pray
for those who survived. God answers prayers.

Linda Creech, Centerville

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Yet another example of the corrupting influence of reli-
gious faith, a faith where God is a pet, used for what-
ever theology a particular follower desires, be it

  • the God of Wrath killing off over 150,000 includ-
    ing over 50,000 children, drowning them without
    warning or remorse,

  • the God of all Goodness, stepping in to save an
    occasional person here and there, and being the
    force responsible for all good that flows out of
    the disaster, blameless for any harm that came to

  • the God of Faith-Testing, using over 150,000 dead
    + all the survivors as faith-testing-toys, dispensable
    as if their lives don't matter, with survivors induced
    to praise God or else,

  • or the God of Powerlessness watching helplessly
    while nature which God defers to destroys life and

Followers tend to get into the God of Wrath mythos or
the God of all Goodness mythos, no matter how contra-
dictory they are, with the God of Faith-Testing standing
by for some, but the God of Powerlessness?

That one few believers like to ponder, for if God is power-
less, what's the point of praying to it, treating it as if it's all-
benevolent or all-powerful, fearing it, depending on it for
supposed immortal salvation, or believing that it exists as
anything other than human imagination?

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