Tigers, God(s), and the ICOYS
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in theism - 011405)

Recently, a doubter in disbelief in God offered the
following quote:

> "If a man proves too clearly and convincingly to himself . . .
> that a tiger is an optical illusion--well, he will find out he is
> wrong. The tiger will himself intervene in the discussion,
> in a manner which will be in every sense conclusive."

I responded as follows:

Tigers are real. God(s) asserted to have created
the universe, answer prayers, cause tsunamis,
watch tsunamis helplessly, control everything but
be responsible for nothing, be everywhere and
everywhen with no manifestation of its presence
outside the human imagination, provide eternal
life, provide eternal death, provide eternal torment,
act as an authoritarian judge of everyone but itself?

Myth, as personified by the irreconcilable attribu-
tions made regarding it, displaying it as naught
but human pretense and make believe.

- - -

God(s), like the Invisible Creature on Your Shoulder,
is simply 'make believe'. Regardless of how many
attributions you try to stick on myths, they never de-
part their mythical realm which exists solely within
human imagination.

- - -

Myth becomes real?

Even if you build structures treating a myth as a real-
ity, and treating the building as the house of the myths,
and have world leaders proclaim things for the myths,
still, all you have are myths.

Even if you treat ancient versions of the myths, some
of them, as worthy in some manner, still, all you have
are myths.

Even if you declare a book of myths is reality, super-
ceding all other myths, still, all you have are myths.

- - -

Imagination transfers a myth into being?

Imagination, while useful in many ways, cannot sub-
stantiate or transfer a myth into being. The only way
for a being to exit the world of myth? Existence, a
way in which people can rationally assess it as real,
and act in a manner mating to its reality, a manner
inclusive of thorough examination and interaction.

- - -

Invisible Creature on Your Shoulder -and/or- God(s)

Take the myth of the Invisible Creature on Your Shoul-
der, for example. All it would have to do to transition
from the world of myths? Existence. No matter how
dedicated one is to treating the myth of the Invisible
Creature on Your Shoulder (ICOYS) as reality, it can-
not transition from myth until or unless it reveals itself
as reality rather than make believe.

I assure you, no matter how many buildings were
built, no matter how many world leaders treated the
ICOYS as reality, no matter how many children were
brainwashed to believing it as reality, still, it would
always remain a myth until or unless it transitioned
from human imagination to manifestation.

God(s)? Same deal.

- - -

Just pretending to be non-existent?

You see, a God (or Gods) which does a perfect job of
pretending to be non-existent, it would be irrational to
treat it as if it was existent. The ICOYS? Same deal.
Why? 'Cause all you would have with any imaginary be-
ing story is claims (myths), with nothing to show for it.

But what if you perceive them/it as all-powerful, the an-
swer to all unknowns? Still, all you have would be claims,
with only claims to show for it.

See the difference between myth, and reality? May the
ICOYS bless you and keep you and yours well, forever
and ever, Amen. May God bless you and keep you and
yours well, forever and ever, Amen. May the Gods bless
you and keep you and yours well, forever and ever, Amen.

Nice thoughts, but still, the expression of nice thoughts
does not manifest the ICOYS or God(s).

- - -

Why don't the ICOYS and God(s) show themselves?

Truly, with no ICOYS and no Gods as anything other than
human imagination, in fact, all you are left with, for both,
is myth.

The ICOYS and/or God(s), easy to transition to the world
of the real, and silly to think they'd do so, sparingly, and
expect everyone to believe in them, while they hide and
do nothing at all, don't you think?

- - -

What do the ICOYS and God(s) want humans to do?

It's easy to assert that the ICOYS or God wants this, that,
or the other, or the Gods want this, that, or the other, and
many individuals and religions around the world have made
many assertions regarding the multiple God myths, but with
no ICOYS or God(s) to show for it, all you have are claims.

By the way, the ICOYS says ...

God says ...

The Gods say ...

Humans, no matter what they say the ICOYS or God says,
or wants, or desires, or will do, or can do, or won't do, it's
all consistent in the manner in which the ICOYS & God
are mythical in nature. The Gods? Same deal for those
into polytheism.

The ability for humans (or a human) to assert he or she
or they is/are doing the will of the ICOYS or God(s), that
temptation to try to achieve political, social, and religious
goals via that modality, is enormous.

It was especially powerful when humankind was ignorant
regarding most of the facts of the natural world.

It's much less so, today, for well-educated individuals who
have been able to break free of the cycle of childhood

- - -

The ICOYS and/or God(s)?

The ICOYS or God(s), the ICOYS and God(s), if believ-
ers think about it, perhaps the temptation to 'get real' will
be so compelling, believers won't want to resist.

- - -

Number of unsubstantiated and irreconcilable claims

If former believers transition from the mythical world
they've been raised to believe in, and examine such
matters with logic, reason, and skepticism, they will find
that the number of unsubstantiated and irreconcilable
claims for God(s) are so huge, they just might need the
entire universe to hold them all (although, they could
simply have the ICOYS handle it, those willing to be-
lieve in the ICOYS, that is).

There are a ton of them. Over 4,700 mentions of God
in the bible alone, and every sermon an adventure in
trying to spin the myths to achieve goals such as in-
creasing the money given to a church/mosque/temple/
synagogue, paying all church personnel, spreading the
message to get more people to give money to a church/
mosque/temple/synagogue, trying to influence behavior
in a way conducive to treating the myths as realities, etc...

- - -

So few claims for the ICOYS, but more could be added:

The ICOYS? Not much in the way of claims, there, for
it's not my deal to try and start yet another religion, but if
I were the type to want to do so, I assure you, the same
exact modality used by the God(s) adherents, with many
improvements and with an aversion to threats of the type
oft-times used to try to scare children into belief, would
be at-the-ready for anyone desiring to act as if the ICOYS
was real.

Anyone inclined to do so can start a religion. Many have.

Still, no matter how many claims are made, all we have
for all the effort are a gaggle of myths, God(s) and the
ICOYS and Allah and Vishnu and Shiva being but a few
among a very large number, a number which grows with
each myth told about them, the latest being the tsunami
myths, with variations on that myth widely differing be-
tween competing religious leaders and their followers ...

- - -