Top 10 Reasons Christians Believe in God
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After all, hundreds of millions of people claim some kind of experience with the christian god, so do disbelievers discredit all of those experiences? Well, to that logic, I would have to reply that if a christian is referring to experiences (which are, in fact, nothing more than feelings), those feelings (experiences) are better understood as emotions and thoughts flowing from those emotions rather than real and tangible contact with something that is real and existentially verifiable.

If christians are referring to feelings, as invoked by thoughts directed towards an imaginary being that is treated as the be-all end-all of life by many promoting that concept, yep, that ideology is a self-perpetuating meme simply because out of all the myths passed on from parents to children, that one is unique in that

1) it's given credit, with straight faces in all seriousness by folks in authority, as being the kingpin in the area of all unknowns, the creator of everything, as well as being given credit for being a watcher, supporter of believers, doomer of naysayers, answerer of worthy prayers, demander of worship, and yes, all these accolades are made with straight faces in all seriousness by folks in authority,
2) it promises all good,
3) it threatens with power,
4) it promises immortality,
5) it threatens with hell and damnation if you don't follow it,
6) it's promoted in large social structures also used for friendships / contact with lovers-sexual partners and promotion of financial inter-dependence, and it's intertwined with social goings on within secular myths, making it difficult to separate the secular from the religious (especially during Easter and Christmas in western cultures),
7) it's deviously called Truth and most people are quite confused by the difference between Truth and truth,
8) it's promoted by an ancient book of suspension of doubt from which people in authority pick and choose whatever they like in order to continue human dependence on it,
9) it's promoted in large buildings with requirements for attendance, submission, kneeling, canting, singing, sitting passively while some authority figure says whatever he wants regarding invisible beings / concepts being real, with no skepticism, no criticism, no doubt, no rational means and no logical means of dealing with that brainwashing modality other than the thoughts you're able to construct during and after the process ...

these large buildings are also used for mating rituals (marriage) and death rituals (funerals) as well as a litany of other belief-promoting adventures based on the proclivities of the particular faiths using the large buildings which, despite their physical nature, are treated as "holy / blessed by some of the imaginary beings" by folks in authority with straight faces in all seriousness,
10) it is never revealed as a myth by most parents simply because most parents were seduced into the myth in their childhood via methods 1 to 9 above and simply follow the pattern of brainwashing to their children who continue the process when they grow up ...