Tsunami used for religious fear/threat
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Condolences and sympathies to all those killed and
injured and suffering due to the latest tragedy of mass
death and destruction to strike humans.

- - -

With some religious types trying to use the tragedy for
the purposes of promoting fear of God, threat from
God, threat against everyone who isn't righteous or
doesn't have the 'right' religion, threat against every-
one who is viewed as being 'immoral' ...

... the following -satire- is provided for both entertain-
ment purposes -and- to counter the fear/threat mode
of Christian fundies, in particular. Of course, alternative
-satire- would be in play for those with non-Christian or
non-fundie-Christian versions of the religious fear/threat
routine ...

Apologies to all who find religious satire to be almost as
unacceptable as is the religious fear/threat routine ... well,
apologies to all other than those who are either using or
admiring or apologetic towards the religious fear/threat
routine ...

Also, apologies to those who prefer their satire delivered
without satire notices ...

- - - satire - - -

"Tsunami Fear Grips the Bible Belt"



Pastors from Texas to Virginia have warned their
congregations that God is in an apocalyptic-fit-mode
due to the appalling moral condition of America, and
it's Wrath-of-God time, again.

God, they say, was just practicing his mass death
deal with the recent tsunami off the coast of Sumatra,
with most of those killed viewed as "expendable be-
cause they were not likely to be redeemed, anyway".

Per many of the pastors, God is irate that America
has persisted in its annoying church -and- state
separation status, with witches and the wicked not
even subject to good ol' burnings and torture, Euro-

Per others, God is very 'put out' that his pet project,
Bush Jr., did not give him credit for getting rid of
tens of thousands of Hindus, Buddhists, Muslims,
Christian backsliders, and God's least favorite be-
ings, atheists, all who have failed to appreciate the
wonderful love and compassion offered by a God
who sent his only son to die for our sins.

As for Christians killed, they contend God has wel-
comed them into Christian fellowship in heaven,
and they didn't really suffer at all, or if they did, it's
OK 'cause they're with a loving God, now. This dis-
claimer, per some pastors, also applies to those
who qualify for a special Christian 'get into heaven
free' status by virtue of innocence -or- not having
committed enough sins to qualify for hell, although
some pastors remain firm in their stance that all
who haven't believed that Jesus rose from the
dead, they're doomed.

As a result, the pastoral consensus is that God is
in an almighty revenge and destroy mood, again,
and has chosen the United States as his next target
-unless- the country comes to its senses and re-in-
vokes some of God's favorites, like the inquisition
-and- holy wars in the name of the one and only "true
God" worth fearing.


As a courtesy to Americans, many of the pastors say
God has inspired them to set up a website,
http://tsunamisbytheoneandonly_true_God ,
with a full list of threats and consequences if America
doesn't come around, and see God for what he really
is, a God of love -only if- your religion is 'right'.

Per the website, even then, watch out, 'cause God
just might find reason to toss an asteroid or comet or
tsunami or super-volcano eruption or cancer or traffic
accident or disease or a fire or ... well, the list of God's
arsenal is quite lengthy, so get back to fearing the one
and only "true God", 'or else'.

- - - end satire - - -

A brief bit of insight into alternative versions of the
religious fear-threat routine, in Australia:

It was a message from above
By Shaun Davies
January 2, 2005


Complete article:

AUSTRALIAN religious leaders have interpreted the
tsunami as a warning from God.

Leaders from several faiths said the killer waves were
caused by God's anger with human immorality.

Anglican Dean of Sydney, Phillip Jensen, said the will
of God involved His creation of the world but it also
involved His judgment on the sinfulness of humanity.

"Disasters are part of His warning that judgment is
coming," Dean Jensen said.

Australian Federation of Islamic Councils chief executive
Amjad Mehboob said it could not have happened unless
it was God's will.

"Islam teaches that when we do suffer some misfortune,
it is what our own hands have wrought, and we must seek
the forgiveness of God."

However, Dr Appupillay Bala, president of the Hindu
Council of Australia, said that he did not believe the
tsunami was a direct result of God's anger.

"I don't think most Hindus would say that it's a punishment
from God. I don't think they'd believe that God would punish
us collectively," Dr Bala said.

-Daily Telegraph

- - -

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