Let's Update the Bible and Quran
and Hadith and Sharia

(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 072703)

If there is a God (Allah), why not update its documents?

If there is a God (Allah), why wouldn't it want its documents
to be updated and made more perfect, more in tune with
a loving God (Allah)?

Why act as if those documents are perfect?

Why not recognize that those documents were simply
reflections of what humans thought about God (Allah),
and that some of their thoughts were much more human
in nature than God (Allah) inspired?

Why not recognize that humans, today, think many different
things about God (Allah), and no one can back-up their
claim that they have the sole "truth" about God (Allah)?

Why not recognize that humans, today, are better educated,
and more in tune with the needs and exigencies of a natural
world and the risks inherent in ancient scripture, risks that
a loving God (Allah) would be more than supportive of

Why keep the anti-human parts of the ancient documents
frozen in time, as if humans had not learned that there are
serious risks associated with attributions of absolute power
which coincide with promotion of acts against humans in
this life?

Why act as if God (Allah) stopped interacting in a "holy"
document way with humans in a day and age when human
knowledge of the universe, and human origins, was funda-
mentally flawed?

Why act as if the anti-human aspects of the Bible and Quran
and Hadith and Sharia are inalterable, as if humans who
created those documents were perfect in their pronounce-

Why pretend that humans are impotent and incapable of
manifesting their belief in God (Allah) in a substantially
improved manner in the current day, a manner much more
tolerant of alternative religious faiths and non-faith, a manner
much more hopeful for all of humankind (and all life), a
manner using what humans have learned about our place
in the universe, and translate that knowledge into an updated
and much-improved version of "holy" documents?

Why depend on unknowns from the past, on unverifiable
claims from the past, when it comes to what one thinks
God (Allah) is, when point in fact, a loving God (Allah), if
existent, and if interested in talking with humans, would *not*
go away and *stop* talking to humans in a demonstrably
profound manner as humans tortured / slayed others
because they thought that's what God (Allah) wanted
them to do?

Why have *last* prophets, *last* "holy" documents, simply
based on the notion that humans knew all there was to
know about God's (Allah's) will, and no discussions with
God (Allah) could ever impart improved "holy" documents?

Why not recognize the irresponsible nature of depending
on ancient flawed documents, documents with threats and
anti-humanism, to try to ascertain the nature of a God (Allah)
which no longer mates to a modern world?

Why not use the 1948 Universal Declaration of Human Rights
as a leverage point to address, scripture-by-scripture, the
tenets of ancient religious faith, and "talk to God (Allah)"
about updating scripture not mating to a loving God (Allah)?

Why fight modernism, and try to live based on ancient and
out-moded edicts written by humans in a day and age far
different from the one we live in?

Why not act in a responsible manner, with God (Allah) as
partner in an updating of ancient documents that have been
shown to be seriously flawed with the passage of historical

Why not take the pro-human aspects of those documents,
recognizing the anti-human aspects of them are unworthy
of a loving God (Allah), and magnify the pro-human aspects,
with consultation via prayer to / inspiration from God (Allah)?

Why not make religious faith be a profound implementation
of a loving God (Allah) in a world in which religion can be used
as a powerful pro-human force, and inspired by the loving
will of God (Allah), responsibly address the shortcomings
in the ancient documents, updating them logically, reasonably,
and in a manner in which the one and only shot that God (Allah),
if existent, has given humans is a genuinely positive and inspir-
ational experience?

Why not remove the contradictions from the ancient docu-

Why not accept that (or believe that or have faith that) a loving
and caring and pro-human God (Allah) would be delighted if
its "holy" documents were updated to reflect the true nature
of a truely loving God (Allah)?

Why not impart a loving God (Allah) to the world, a God
(Allah) who understands genetics, science, logic, reason,
medicine, disease, and the downsides of devotion to ancient
religious documents as if God (Allah) decided that no updates
were ever to be done to them?

Why treat ancient religious documents as Gods, rather than
recognizing that if a loving God (Allah) exists, that God (Allah)
would be in tears when hearing about humans being inspired
by ancient scripture to harm other humans?

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