A Week Without God ...
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 080401)

... So, as most of you know, there was the
car crash last Saturday afternoon, July 28,
2001 ...

A Daydream?

the overnight stay in the hospital ...

the aid and comfort from those entities desig-
nated as helpful in times of distress on this
earth, in this life which we know is that which
we must deal with as reality, and with ...

the interactions with those most kind and
considerate folks, both of faith and non-faith,
on multiple newsgroups ...

and here I sit, early on a Saturday morning,
almost a week later ...

with an increasingly painful back, a nagging
pain in my head, and ...

the entire week, a week without God, and ...

Now, I reflect.

What is it, this life, this that we treasure so highly,
this that we cling to, what is this thing called life?

Would life be such a rough affair if all dealt with
each day as I've dealt with the past week ... not
really paying any attention at all to "the immortal",
"the absolute", "the god", just taking it a minute at
a time, a day at a time, and here ...

After that week, my daughter is doing fine, with her
wounds all-but healed (by the time she arrives back
in her mom's arms on Monday, her mom may doubt
she was even in an accident), I'm OK (I think, but
then again, who can know as who can ever really
know as when we go to sleep each night, the next
day may or may not present itself ...) ...

But, I assure you, this entire week, and that which
has been my experience throughout life, has been
sans evidence of God as defined by most ...

It has been, and continues to be, an adventure of
natural events in a natural world ...

Do I find that to be anything but reality?

No, I find it to be that which is, which was, which shall
be until or unless it is not and if it is not, I cannot but
offer that which was the reality of a totally naturalistic
experience in that which is this life, this natural world,
this natural experience we all know and share ...

And in that natural experience, know this ...

That which is the reality of a natural world, as I've said
before and I'll repeat again ...

No god worth being with could hold against us, on any-
thing approaching reason, logic, sanity, or morality, for ...

To hold a natural world against us is but to define itself
as that which is the epitome of evil and deceit, and that
god one would be most unwise to worship, seek comfort
in, or aspire to be with, for one second, much less one
eternity ...

- - -