What if God exists ...
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 020106)

- - -

... is a standard premise utilized by assorted
proponents of God as reality. Usually, the what
if God exists premise is followed by a presump-
tion of a particular version of God (Christian,
typically, in western thought).

However, for those of you who have bought the
God concept, unsure of the details, recognizing
all the versions, the conflicts, the contradictions,
the mysteries, the unknowns, the fact that faith
is requisite for your belief, have you ever given
any thought to the possibility that ...

... humans got the God as reality concept right
(a premise which I fail to see merit in, but given
that many see merit in it, that begs the following
question), but got what God is totally wrong?

Along those lines ...

What if God exists, -and-

1) is an admirer of the scientific method

2) disdains worship

3) disdains prayer

4) wants nothing from humans except respect
for life, in the here and now

5) is a non-intervener

6) has the potential for unimaginable gain for
humans deemed worthy by virtue of following
the tenets iterated in '1' thru '5', or worthy by virtue of innocence

- - -

What if ... for those of you who like to exercise
thinking about God as a reality, perhaps it's worth
thinking about God in a manner differing from the
way our primitive unscientific evolved apes thought
about it ...

Perhaps thinking about God as something that, if
existent, might be radically different than what pre-
scientific evolved apes came up with in a day of
ignorance and fear and superstition. Perhaps an
alternate version of God, for those of faith, might
be worth some consideration in modern times ...

- - -