What kind of parent is god?
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... so, I'm thinkin', what if the relationship between
parents and our children was just like god's supposed
relationship with his human children, what would that
be like ... let's see ...

we'd be invisible, of course.

we'd require our children to worship us (goes without

we'd demand our children give us ten percent of their

we'd threaten our children with eternal damnation and

we'd sicken our children with diseases.

we'd refuse to talk to our children.

we'd require our children to believe we exist and we'd
furnish them no evidence whatsoever that we exist.

we'd require our children to act as if we exist and we'd
maintain -total silence-, leaving them alone and on their
own, just like they would be were we not to exist.

we'd create a world which looks -exactly- like a world
in which we don't exist.

we'd have some of our children claim that one of our
children dying/living/going to be with us was somehow
relevant to our children in some way in that one of our
children suffering made up for all the bad deeds of our
other children - believe we did this -or- suffer immortal

we'd claim goodness while acting like invisible and silent
evil beings who couldn't care less about our children.