Why Do You Believe?
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 042601)

Key question - are you choosing to believe (through
faith) because ...

1) You've determined that it is definitely true (oxymor-
onic 'cause religious faith and definitely true can't both
be true, so this option is out if religious faith is your

2) You've determined that it is likely true (one must
wonder if you cross from religious faith to likely true,
is your belief no longer religious faith but, instead,
likely true and able to be examined in the real world
we all know and share ... if it is, then the religious
faith no longer carries the weight, as you're depend-
ing on existential reality for your determination of truth
and falsehood --- as such, an objective weighing of
the evidence, including skepticism / doubt, is the fac-
tor you're relying on to determine whether or not it's

3) You've determined that it's so attractive to believe
that it's true, what with promises of eternal life from
supernatural beings who "care about you if you
believe / follow" (along with threats of dire conse-
quences if you disbelieve - with only *you* to blame
for said consequences), that it doesn't matter if it's
true or not --- flawed logic in that all the promises /
threats in the world, for you to believe _____ and
live forever or else, don't make them veritable or
evidential or reasonable or moral or estimable ...

... In fact, they're just claims and claims without
substantiation / evidence / manifestation (espe-
cially claims made by pre-scientific and supersti-
tious humans who were not blessed with a com-
prehension of our natural origins in a natural world)
are seriously flawed and antithetical to reason and
logic and open-minded search for verity and

4) You've been scared into believing by threats,
so scared that you've determined that it doesn't
matter if it's true or not (flawed logic in that anyone
can threaten you with believe ________ or you'll
burn in eternal torment forever, but claiming that
doesn't make it so and many feel that threatening
people in such a manner is immoral and has led
humankind down the path of despair / destruction /
death in times past --- therefore, that approach is
best left in the cesspool of human failures which
must never be repeated and which should be
discarded as anti-human and evil in the modern

5) You've been influenced by sexual / social / cul-
tural / financial factors entailing seduction to con-
form / go along / withhold intelligent doubt / subdue
"what if" scenarios in an unbalanced endeavor to
"at-a-boy away" any and all doubts via cover-ups
and intellectual dishonesty ... often, 5 spins out of
childhood influences projecting God and/or Jesus
as one with goodness and parental acceptance
(even so, it can take place in those infrequently
exposed to religion at a young age) ... many chil-
dren are brainwashed (or, if you prefer, heavily
influenced) into a religion at a young age and are
never able to objectively assess it and free them-
selves from it, in large part due to the factors listed
in 5,


6) You just want it to be true and will believe it's true
even if it's not true (flawed logic 'cause desire only
leads to feeding the fever of desire, said desire
based on a combination of factors detailed above,
and once you cross the line from interest in verity to
interest in satisfaction of desire, well, you truly are
lost and your only way to salvation, verity, is to re-
linquish your desire, open your mind to logic and
reason, and question the nature of the faith journey) ...

... Let me know if I can help you with that 'cause I've
been there [religious faith] and I think I know the ways

Oh well, I could go on, but 1 through 6 is a tidy little
start to freeing you from the worship / fear of imag-
inary beings which are too often used as "reasons"
for denial of pleasure, submission to authority, and
obsessing on guilt, in this, our one and only *sure*
life we all know and share.

Please let me know if I can be of further assistance
in helping you free yourself and your close family
members and your friends from the futility of faith
which has burdened and enslaved humankind for
far too long, in my opinion.

Peace. I love you all.

- - -