What Would a World Without God Be Like?
(Top Posts - Distance From Belief
in theism - 072300)

I've addressed this issue from a disbeliever angle
before, but for those who are either believers or
unwilling to totally disbelieve, what do you suppose
a world without God would be like?


I'm genuinely interested in whether or not believers
and those unwilling to totally disbelieve can relate
to a world of no God ... here's your chance to take
a walk on the wild side without truly doubting your
faiths as the following is merely an imaginary world
which does not (in reality) exist per your faiths or
unwillingness to totally disassociate from faiths ...

So, if any deity in an afterlife tries to diss you for
considering the following, blame it on me and tell
your deity to contact me for responsibility for what-
ever adventure y'all are willing to take regarding
the following questions ...

{end aside}

In other words, if there were no God, what would
the world be like, how would it differ from the
world we exist in, and what evidence do you
have that the absence of God (in reality) would
be any different than the lack of God interaction
with humankind (per most religious theories due
to God's rules requiring absence of interaction
with humankind for the most part, or so the
theory goes)?

In describing this God-free world (I know this
is difficult for believers and those unable to
bring themselves to even contemplate such
a thing as no God), try to explain how natural
forces (or non-God forces, if you prefer) could
not have resulted in the world we exist in.

If natural forces (or non-God forces, if you
prefer) could have resulted in the world we
exist in, do you believers and those of you
unable to totally disbelieve understand how
we in the disbeliever community have come
to our decisions using logical and rational

Do you understand how our position of no
God has a reasonable and rational basis
for a degree of understanding and empathy
towards disbelievers on the part of believers
and those of you unwilling to totally disbelieve?

Do you understand how, in a world of no God,
it would be a simple task for an evolving species
to create super-beings based on imagination, fear,
desire, and other factors in a pre-scientific world?

Can you relate to that world (of no God) being
exactly like this world (of a God per believers
and of the possibility of a God for those of you
unwilling to totally disbelieve)?