Your Choice (regarding almighty beings)
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Did humans create 'em or did an almighty being or
almighty beings create humans?

Take you, for example. You probably understand
how you came to be. You probably accede there
are no almighty beings involved, there, at least not
with your conception.

Go back a few thousand years ago. Same deal, only
humans knew a lot less about their natural world than
you know and humans relied on superstition (make
believe) to explain all unknowns. Today, simply put,
most humans still use make believe to describe all
unknowns, it's just that the unknowns are quite a bit
smaller now than they were then, although the pro-
found nature of the ultimate unknowns still remain as
of yet unanswered even though we know a lot more
about those mysteries than we did back when almighty
beings were conjured up as ultimate answers for all

As for knowing all there is, simply ask yourself how
likely it is that some humans, like you, trying to make
it in a world of unknowns, would create the ultimate
answers (almighty beings) out of human imagination,
fear, and desire? Quite likely, as demonstrated by
the historical record.

Then, ask yourself how likely it is that those ultimate
answers, impossible to reconcile with one another,
created out of human imagination, fear, and desire,
are related to verity? The word "impossible" or the
phrase "you've got to be kidding" should be coming
to mind along about now. If not, if you still desire
almighty beings as ultimate answers after all of the
considerations mentioned, you really must admit
that you aren't all that different than the humans who
created the concepts in the first place, and therein
may reside the answers which you seek, one way
or another.

In other words, human desire for ultimate answers is
unquenchable (unless we come up with naturalistic
answers of a satisfying and fulfilling manner mating
to verity and understandability).

It's just that now that we're free of ignorance of our
natural place in a natural world, we should be able
to overcome our imagination, fear, and desire, face
the reality of our knowledge and lack of knowledge
regarding our natural place in a natural world, and
seek answers that mate to reality rather than myth ...

-or not- ... each of us must choose his/her own
path. May your choice be a wise one, based on
knowledge and search for verity rather than the
old ways (imagination, fear, and desire).