FREELOVER Principles
(October 4, 2000)

For me, personally, disbelief in blind faith, religions, and
imaginary beings led me to ponder what, free of the burdens
of blind faith, I wanted to be about, leading me to a definition
of my personal beliefs based on FREELOVER principles:


              Enlightenment, &
(also, pro-love, free from state and church authorities) ...

Freethinking : one who forms opinions on the basis of
reason independently of authority, especially one who
doubts or denies religious dogma.

Realist : one who has concern for fact or reality and
who rejects the impractical and the unreal.

Exploring : investigating, studying, analyzing, looking
into, and becoming familiar with by testing or experimenting.

Expressive : effectively conveying meaning or feeling.

Liberty : the quality or state of being free, the power to
do as one pleases, freedom from physical restraint, freedom
from arbitrary and despotic control, positive enjoyment of
various social, political, or economic rights and privileges,
and the power of choice.

Openness : free, forthright, and sincere expression.

Verity : the quality or state of being true.

Enlightenment : knowledge, insight, intuition, cognition,
awareness, rejection of traditional social / religious /
political ideas with an emphasis on rationalism, peace,
and a feeling of wholeness and completeness.

Rationality : the quality or state of being agreeable to

Pro-love, free from state and church authorities : promotion
of a sense of well-being in which the closeness of humankind
is cherished and mutually respectful encouragement of love
is the ideal by which humankind seeks ultimate peace, in
this life / at this time / on this earth, not by edict of state
and church, but by inherent virtue and admiration for the
best / most hopeful / most caring / kindest / most nurturing /
most promising side of human nature.

--- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- --- ---

Generally speaking, positive atheism, secular humanism,
and the principles of enlightened freethinkers are reflected
by the following approach using FREELOVER principles
(principles of libertarianism, freedom, and pro-humanity that
are counter to conservative conformist and non-pro-humanity
approaches adopted by less enlightened individuals) ...

*** FREELOVER Principles ***

FREELOVERs know that every detail, every nuance, every
aspect of life is totally up to human beings to determine.

Therefore, FREELOVERs accept absolute and total
responsibility for our knowledge of that which we are
and for our eventual destiny.

This approach frees FREELOVERs from having to submit
to ancient authority figures.

This approach facilitates FREELOVERs' use of any and
every technology available to maximize to the full extent
of human resources, this life, this time, this one and only
sure experience we all know we have on this earth.

This approach relieves FREELOVERs from ancient
burdens of guilt regarding sex, free choice, free thinking,
search for truth, search for meaning and purpose in this
life, and longing for a rich and fulfilling existence for as
long as is humanly possible.

Since FREELOVERs don't rely on non-existent deities for
guidance, FREELOVERs are free to responsibly address
all of the issues of conscience without the burdensome
myths and lies of ancient cultures.

Since FREELOVERs are willing to face death without
fear and with a certainty of inevitable natural destiny,
FREELOVERs are free to hope for a continued pleasant
existence without the requirement for belief in mythical

FREELOVERs are also free to accept the end of life on
this earth as the likely winding down of our one and only
shot at it, thereby giving FREELOVERs a love of life
that knows no bounds, for FREELOVERs treasure each
and every moment of life we have, knowing it's almost
a certainty that this life is the entire deal.


Some viewpoints on god ...

Because god is not an experiential reality, he/it/she/them
is an imaginary one, a carry-over from our genetic and
memetic heritage, an evolutionary burden, if you will.

For those that respect open-minded search for truth, god
must remain in the classification of an imaginary being
until he/it/she/they become(s) real in an existential
(non-imaginary) manner.


Some viewpoints on what life is all about ...

And in the infinity of that which has always been
and will always be ... (Nature 1:0)

there was, is, and will always be the natural ...
(Nature 1:1)

and in the natural is the all and the nothing, the
good and the bad, the future and the past ...
(Nature 1:2)

and as is natural, a quantum event occurred in
such time and place as matched to the forever
nature of the natural ...
(Nature 1:3)

and in that a particular aggregate of events transpired
which eventually became of interest to a sentient
species ...
(Nature 1:4)

yes, an expansion of time and space did take place
in a finite part of an infinite cosmos ...
(Nature 1:5)

yes, a track was laid by which a curious form of
matter could track this expansion back to the very
fraction of a second from which this expansion took
place ...
(Nature 1:6)

and lo, over the expansion of time and space, such
monumental events transpired as would unveil an
enormous and natural set of occurrences, leading
to vast numbers of stars, and solar systems, and
life forms, but as is the destiny of such natural
matters ...
(Nature 1:7)

a form of matter responsive to stimuli in an altogether
natural part of a natural expanding world, did pursue
and endeavor to understand that which was the
natural origin of its being ...
(Nature 1:8)

and lo, as an evolved form of matter, it naturally
struggled to survive, to perpetuate its existence, to
become a sustaining being ...
(Nature 1:9)

and over a period which would come to be known
by this form of matter as time ...
(Nature 1:10)

a form of matter with the ability to make sounds and
form symbols and communicate ideas, did issue forth
proclamations and claims by which ...
(Nature 1:11)

this form of matter did journey into the unknown and
venture guesses, myths, and fantasies about its natural
world until ...
(Nature 1:12)

a series of postulations, tests, and experiments did issue
forth a profound set of reproducible, testable, and
verifiable phenomena by which this form of matter ...
(Nature 1:13)

could ascertain facts and pronunciations about the
natural evolution of its form and predecessors and
origins back to the expansion and forward to points
which ...
(Nature 1:14)

gave this form of matter a level of understanding about
its place in the expanding milieu that made it ...
(Nature 1:15)

one with its natural world, a totality of being and meaning
that revealed its true place in a natural world of wonder ...
(Nature 1:16)

far exceeding the myths and ignorance of this evolved
form of matter's pre-scientific / pre-natural postulations ...
(Nature 1:17)

and lo, it was good, this evolved matter's ability to look
out and know its natural world ...
(Nature 1:18)

nevertheless, this natural being found that existence was
challenging, competition for scarce resources and for
propagation of ideas was ongoing, denial of the positive
aspects of living in a natural world persisted, and many
amongst its midst sought to perpetuate the ancient
myths/fears, while others sought harm and ill will
towards their fellow beings ...
(Nature 1:19)

yet, this natural being discovered that by understanding
its natural world, by taking total and absolute responsibility
for improving its plight on the planet, by nurturing and
loving and learning and exploring, by reaching for the stars
with hope and search for the true meaning of a natural
existence in a natural world ...
(Nature 1:20)

all that was good and decent and honorable and worthwhile
and loving and kind and gentle and responsible and giving
and nurturing could issue forth from this natural being,
knowing that its destiny was to learn all it could and to
be all it could be in a natural world, at this place, at this
time ...
(Nature 1:21)