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1 - History of the Universe Made Easy - Part 1

Quote from the submitter of the video: "Forget gods
and goblins, here is the real story of how we know
the extent of our universe in time and space. Throw
away all those religious books and look at some hard

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2 - History of the Universe Made Easy - Part 2

Quote from the submitter of the video: "This concludes
the two parts on the history of the universe, showing
how our universe, solar system and planet Earth formed
through natural and predictable processes."

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3 - The Origin of Life Made Easy

Quote from the submitter of the video: "The video ex-
plains current ideas as to how life might have origina-
ted on Earth. The idea that inorganic mud can miracu-
lously turn into cells is a claim made in the Bible
and the Qu'ran, not science. What biologists are try-
ing to do is understand how carbon-based chemicals
combine to form nucleotides, the building blocks of
replicating chemicals. ..."

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A Brief History of Weed (Cannabis) - Part 1 of 2

2727 BCE China begins using marijuana as medicine.

500 CE Cannabis reaches Europe by way of India &

1492 Christopher Columbus brings cannabis sativa
     to the new world.

1619 Jamestown colony law: All settlers required
     to grow cannabis.

1797 George Washington's primary crop at Mount Vernon
     is cannabis.

1876 The Sultan of Turkey gives the U.S. marijuana
     as a gift.

1880 Turkish smoking parlors open up all over the
     northeast (U.S.).

1891 Queen Victoria is prescribed marijuana to
     relieve menstrual cramps.

1908 Henry Ford's first Model T is made with hemp
     plastic and runs on hemp ethanol.

1937 Federal law bans marijuana.

1942 The U.S. military uses marijuana as a truth

1965 1 million Americans had tried marijuana.

1972 24 million Americans had tried marijuana.

1980s The Reagan administration begins its war on

1980s Every 38 seconds someone is arrested for vio-
      lating cannibis law.

1996 Proposition 215 passes in California, medical
     marijuana is legal.

Now Marijuana is America's #1 cash crop.

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A Brief History of Weed (Cannabis) - Part 2 of 2

8000 BCE The first woven fabric is made of hemp.

105 CE The Chinese make the first paper from
       mulberry and hemp.

1484 The pope declares that smoking cannabis
     is sacrilegious.

1776 The Declaration of Independence was
     written on hemp paper.

1789 Napolean discovers Egyptian lower class
     smokes pot habitually. He bans it in France.

1919 The Dutch pass the Opium Act, the roadmap
     for Holland's tolerance of soft drug use.

1928 Britain bans the recreational use of cannabis.

1937 America makes first pot arrest. Samuel R.
     Caldwell gets 4 years for possession.

1961 At the United Nations, 100 countries agree
     to make marijuana illegal around the world.

1960s The average THC concentration of cannabis,
      less than 1%.

1970s Hawaiian pot growers are the first to grow
      marijuana hydroponically.

2003 Canada is the first country in the world to
     offer medical marijuana to its patients.

2008 The average THC concentration, 9.6%.

2008 The UN reports that 172 countries or terri-
     tories grow marijuana.

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