Christian/European Genocide/Rape of Native Americans
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To-date, much of the reduction of the popu-
lation of native Americans in Central Amer-
ica, after Europeans arrived, has been attri-
buted to the fact that Europeans brought
diseases that the native Americans had no
immunity to fight.

The following genetic study indicates:

 o Slaughter of native American men was
    endemic by European settlers

 o Sexual unions (unknown, the extent to
    which forced sexual unions rather than
    consensual ones were involved, but
    with the widespread slaughter of men,
    one would be justified in perceiving
    that the sexual unions were almost
    entirely due to violence)

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March 21, 2008
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European colonisation of South America
resulted in a dramatic shift from a native
American population to a largely mixed
one, a genetic study has shown.

It suggests male European settlers mated
with native and African women, and slaugh-
tered the men.

But it adds that areas like Mexico City "still
preserve the genetic heritage" because these
areas had a high number of natives at the
time of colonisation.

The findings appear in the journal Public
Library of Science Genetics.


Bloody past

Explaining the fate of native males when the
Europeans arrived, Professor Luiz-Linares
said: "It is a very sad and terrible historical
fact, they were basically annihilated.

"Not only did the European settlers take away
land and property, they also took away the
women and, as much as possible, they exter-
minated the men."


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