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49. Best of the Web / SuperSearch
(3 of 3 : History / Social / Legal - Text version) 
"This post includes links to the best websites  for
history / social / legal, including text excerpts from
most of the included Wikipedia links regarding
those areas. ..."

48. A Few History Videos of Interest (112109) Video
"... History of the Universe Made Easy ... The
Origin of Life Made Easy ... A Brief History
of Weed (Cannabis) ..."

47. Truth about Religion (091809) Video
"Views regarding the origins of Christianity which
differ significantly from the versions presented by
most religious proponents (be they religious pro-
ponents favoring catholicism, one of the multitude
of protestant faiths, non-denominational christianity,
mormonism, orthodox christianity, or islam, all of
which have their own particular 'spins' on the Jesus
tales) ..."

46. Origins/Evolution of Religions (041709)
"... Secular-based theories of religion ...
Evolution of religion ..."

45. Mass Murder/Suicide in Guyana Video
Excerpt from the MSNBC report, broadcast
last night, "Witness to Jonestown" ..."

44. Christian/European Genocide/Rape
of Native Americans (032108)
"... Not only did the European settlers take away
land and property, they also took away the women
and, as much as possible, they exterminated the
men. ..."

43. Faith/Non-Faith of Founding Fathers
"... After victory had enriched our standard, 
and it became necessary to make a constitution-
to establish a government-the infidels, the men
like Paine, like Jefferson, and like Franklin, saw
that the church must be left out; that a government
deriving its just powers from the consent of the
governed could make no contract with a church
pretending to derive its powers from an infinite
God. ..."

42. The 2004 Yuletide Tsunami (120105)
"... The 2004 tsunami was the worst natural
disaster to occur suddenly, over a vast area,
without warning, in modern times. In recent
times, however, natural disasters such as the
hurricane which hit Bangladesh in 1991, killing
at least 140,000 people, or the earthquake
that hit northeast China in 1976, killing over
240,000 people, or the hurricane which hit
East Pakistan (now Bangladesh) in 1970,
with ... a death toll between 300,000 and
500,000 people, have been similar in nature,
in both the lack of warning -and- in the dev-
astating impact on human life. ..."

41. Youth-Brainwashing-Hitler's Germany
"... a show on the history channel ... called "Youth
of the Third Reich" ... It's amazing, the similarity in
the way the very young were entrapped in Nazism
and the same exact methodologies used to entrap
children in religious faith. ..."

40. The Heart of Darkness (The Holocaust)
"... [1] Who did what? ... [2] Why did they do it? ...
[3] How do we judge? ... [4] What is the duty of
repair? ... [5] But the fifth central question is much
more complicated: What is the meaning? ..."

39. Long-lived doubt -- separation of church
& state (011705)
"Here's some information of import on the long-lived
doubt regarding the separation of church and state,
a doubt that has been ongoing ever since before
the writing of the U.S. Declaration of Independence ...
and the U.S. Constitution and the Bill of Rights ..."

38. Top 11 Creation Myths (122504)
"... One recent creation myth, an effort by reli-
gionists to deal with the ongoing advances in
scientific areas, starts out the list, and the most
popular surviving myth in the western-influenced
and Arabic-influenced worlds rounds out the
list. ..."

37. The Jesus Puzzle (061403)
"Those who are open to skepticism regarding
The Jesus Puzzle website should use that same
characteristic of skepticism in assessing the
material contained in the christian bible, the
hindu vedas, the islamic quran, and other so-
called "holy" documents. ..."

36. Ancient Salvation Cults (061303)
"Key excerpts regarding salvation cults ..."

35. Origins of God(s) (061203)
"Per Freud, all gods are derived from the way
we enter the world, a process he referred to as
infantile helplessness. Just as infants look up
to their parents for love and meaning and seek
to obey them, all resulting from instinct, Gods
are simply substitute parents, acting as childhood
neuroses in a manner similar to parents of the
universe for all its human children. ..."

34. Archaeology and Biblical Skepticism
"Significant discoveries in archaeology have altered
the perceptions generally held on bible historicity prior
to recent times. Links to some views (and books) on
these matters follow ..."

33. Indictment Against Christianity (2 of 2)
"... By the end of the [4th] century, there were over
60 official decrees outlawing different heretical
beliefs. Before long, there were attempts to ban all
non-christians from public office. Synagogues were
burnt. Pagans observed the growth of christianity
with alarm. Their Rome had been ruthless in punishing
people's actions, but unconcerned about their beliefs.
That sort of tolerance was now a thing of the past. ..."

32. Indictment Against Christianity (1 of 2)
"As a historian, I confess to a certain amusement
when I hear the Judeo-Christian tradition praised as
the source of our present-day concern for human rights
... In fact, the great religious ages were notable for
their indifference to human rights in the contemporary
sense. They were notorious not only for acquiescence
in poverty, inequality, exploitation, and oppression,
but also for enthusiastic justifications of slavery,
persecution, abandonment of small children, torture,
and genocide. ..."

31. Christianity / Bible / Eusebius (020503)
"The books referenced are of import regarding
christianity, the selection process for for the
books chosen for the bible, and Eusebius ...
1. Who Wrote the New Testament? The Making
of the Christian Myth, by Burton L. Mack ...
2. Christianizing the Roman Empire, by Ramsay
MacMullen ..."

30. Nuremberg Trials / Christianity / Holocaust (4 of 4)
"Hitler Youth ... Pope Pius XII was pope during the
holocaust, the pope of controversy as regards WW II
... Vatican expresses sorrow over Holocaust, defends
wartime pope ... Vatican's Role in the Rise of Modern
Anti-Semitism ... Further information on the leader of
the German Reich, and the position held by Nazis and
others during the period of time at issue ..."

29. Nuremberg Trials / Christianity / Holocaust (3 of 4)
"Background providing a perspective on some of the
events at issue, documenting the transition of Hitler
from Catholic to the pseudo-'God' of Germany, by
near-unanimous affirmation by the non-Jews of pre-
dominantly Christian Germany ... The Night of Broken
Glass ...."

28. Nuremberg Trials / Christianity / Holocaust (2 of 4)
"This series of posts covers the causal factors and
history leading up to the anti-humanism invoked by
the Nazis (and oft-forgotten, many members of the
German military) ... posts 1 and 2 include excerpts
from the Nuremberg trials ..."

27. Nuremberg Trials / Christianity / Holocaust (1 of 4)
"This series of posts covers the causal factors and
history leading up to the anti-humanism invoked by
the Nazis (and oft-forgotten, many members of the
German military) ... posts 1 and 2 include excerpts
from the Nuremberg trials ..."

26. Evemerism (050102)
"... Evemerism, named after Evemeras, a 4th
Century B.C.E. Greek philosopher who devel-
oped the idea that, rather than being mytholog-
ical creatures as was accepted by the reigning
intellectuals, the gods of old were in fact historical
characters, kings, emperors and heroes whose
exploits were then deified. ..."

25. Archaeology refutes the Bible's
claim to history (043002)
"The following provides a detailed analysis of a book
which provides details on why the fundamentalist/
literalist interpretation of the pentateuch, the christian
bible, and the quran, fall far short when it comes to
the historical claims made in those documents. ..."

24. Anti-Humanism, Faith, Authoritarianism,
Totalitarianism (022102)
"Pro-humanity demands and compels that any
and all causes of anti-humanism be placed into
the abyss of human behavior never to be instigated
upon humankind again, ever. Those of us with a
strong desire to prevent/eliminate anti-humanism
are able to look at the past, openly, for clues as
to what were the causal factors involved and what
humans must be forever on guard against allowing
to recur ..."

23. Robert G. Ingersoll (062701)
"American politician and orator known
as 'the great agnostic' who popularized
the higher criticism of the Bible, as well
as a humanistic philosophy and a scientific

22. Mark Twain (051401)
"... Mark Twain was one with those he
scorned: what any man sees in the human
race, he admitted, 'is merely himself in
the deep and private honesty of his own
heart.' Perceptive, comic, but also bitter,
Twain seemed to be the mirror of all men..."

21. The Church as Sinner (041701)
"... Constantine's Sword : The Church and
the Jews: A History ... by James Carroll ...
maps the profoundly troubling two-thousand-
year course of the battle against Judaism and
faces the crisis of faith it has provoked in his
own life as a Catholic. More than a chronicle
of religion, this dark history is the central tra-
gedy of Western civilization, its fault lines
reaching deep into our culture. ..."

20. Workings of a Natural World (041001)
"... Let's not forget the natural state of affairs
which confronts us with a serious set of
circumstances by which only human action
can foil the at times threatening consequences
of life in a natural world. Excerpts from 'The
Pessimists Guide to History' ..."

19. Timeline - 11th to 20th Century (040501)

18. 20th Century (040101)

17. Witches
(033001; updated 092909)
"... Do you think christians are just in calling
God a 'God of Love' and in calling blind faith
'moral' when blind faith has been used to
inspire such horrors -or- when a 'God of
Love' has allowed his followers to commit
such horrors in this real world we all share?"

16. Gnosticism (031501)
"Here's some key information from The
Encyclopedia Britannica, related directly
or indirectly to Gnosticism ..."

15. Christian Church History (022001)
"... I do think the Roman Catholic religion
is a disease of the mind which has a
particular epidemiology similar to that of
a virus... -Richard Dawkins ..."

14. Thomas Jefferson / John Adams
"... Here are a few pertinent quotes from
them ..."

13. 4 of 4 - Middle Eastern/Greek/Roman
Foundations For ... (013101)
"... the origins of Judaism and Christianity.
... Topics covered in post 4 of 4:
o Ancient Rome : Cultural Life / Stoicism /
Religious and Cultural Life in the 3rd Cen-
tury ... The Reign of Constantine ... The
Roman Empire Under the 4th-century Suc-
cessors of Constantine ..."

12. 3 of 4 - Middle Eastern/Greek/Roman
Foundations For ... (013101)
"... the origins of Judaism and Christianity.
... Topics covered in post 3 of 4:
o Christianity : The Contemporary Social,
Religious, and Intellectual World ...
o Greek : Philosophers - Socrates (470-399
BC), Plato (428-348 BC), Aristotle (384-322
BC) / Religion ... o Ancient Rome : Culture
and Religion ..."

11. 2 of 4 - Middle Eastern/Greek/Roman
Foundations For ... (013101)
"... the origins of Judaism and Christianity.
... Topics covered in post 2 of 4:
o Judaism : Religious and Cultural Life in
the Diaspora ... Christianity : The Relation
of the Early Church to Late Judaism ..."

10. 1 of 4 - Middle Eastern/Greek/Roman
Foundations For ... (013101)
"... the origins of Judaism and Christianity.
... Topics covered in post 1 of 4: o Middle
Eastern Religion ... o Syrian and Palestinian
Religion ... o Judaism : Biblical Judaism
(20th-4th century BCE) ..."

9. Bloody Sacrificial Salvation ...
"... a primitive concept from primitive and
ancient cultures, with the one surviving icon
perpetuated to this day ..."

8. Rome: Power & Glory (012801)
"... Fascinating overview of the Roman origins,
Republic, Empire, Emperors, subjects, slaves,
conquests, and the conquered. ..."

7. India - Connections To ... (012501)
"... the Middle East, Greco-Roman civilization,
Western cultures ..."

6. Egyptian Foundations For ... (012301)
"... concepts impacting the development of
philosophies within Judaism and Christianity ..."

5. Iranian Foundations For ... (012201)
"... the origins of theological concepts which
impacted how humans perceived the inter-
actions between the spirit world and the real
world, with some of those concepts having
an impact on the development of Judaism
and Christianity ..."

4. Mesopotamian Foundations For ...
"... the origins of Judaism, some of which led,
eventually, to the origins of Christianity ..."

3. Greco-Roman Foundations For ...
"... the origins of Christianity: Disbelievers/
doubters, seekers, and christians should be
enlightened regarding the nature of the
dependence on religion and worship, the
similarities to later-developed christian ideas,
and the fertile foundations present within the
Greco-Roman cultures, as evidenced via
mystery religions prior to and coexistent
with the spread of the christian religions. ..."

2. The Jesus Mysteries (092100)
"Preface : CNN posted information today,
9/21/00, which pertains to a controversial
subject, Jesus Christ, said subject having
stirred up emotions on all sides of the issue,
amongst disbelievers / doubters / believers. ..."

1. Religions : Origins, Geographical
Distribution, Populations/Percentages (070400)