Nuremberg Trials / Christianity / Holocaust (1 of 4)
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Preface - Posts in this series:

Nuremberg Trials / Christianity / Holocaust (1 of 4)

Nuremberg Trials / Christianity / Holocaust (2 of 4)

"This series of posts covers the causal factors and
history leading up to the anti-humanism invoked by
the Nazis (and oft-forgotten, many members of the
German military) ... posts 1 and 2 include excerpts
from the Nuremberg trials ..."

Nuremberg Trials / Christianity / Holocaust (3 of 4)
"Background providing a perspective on some of the
events at issue, documenting the transition of Hitler
from Catholic to the pseudo-'God' of Germany, by
near-unanimous affirmation by the non-Jews of pre-
dominantly Christian Germany ... The Night of Broken
Glass ..."

Nuremberg Trials / Christianity / Holocaust (4 of 4)
"Hitler Youth ... Pope Pius XII was pope during the
holocaust, the pope of controversy as regards WW II
... Vatican expresses sorrow over Holocaust, defends
wartime pope ... Vatican's Role in the Rise of Modern
Anti-Semitism ... Further information on the leader of
the German Reich, and the position held by Nazis and
others during the period of time at issue ..."

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Posts 1 and 2 of this series cover the Holocaust and
anti-human crimes of WWII
as described via excerpts
from the Nuremberg trials which detail some of the
tragic events regarding the

o mass murder of Jews, homosexual men, Ukrainians, the
handicapped, gypsies, and many others,

and posts 3 and 4 cover how a large portion of German
society was ...

o infected by the causality / complicity of centuries of
Christian anti-Semitism / anti-Judaism in the tragic events
which transpired

o not directed away from anti-Judaism or anti-Semitism
by the near-silence of the pope as regards the Jewish
holocaust while it was occurring

o influenced by Hitler's anti-Judaism, and how Hitler's
Christian upbringing and his associations with religious
elements failed to stem (and acted as causal agents
towards) the anti-Judaism / anti-Semitism which led to
the Jewish holocaust

- - -

Per the records from the Nuremberg trials, it is highly
recommended that one take the time to read all of the
material as these excerpts fall far short of describing
the depth and scope of the tragedy ...



... Implementing their "master race" policy, the conspir-
ators joined in a programme of relentless persecution of
the Jews, designed to exterminate them.

Annihilation of the Jews became an official State policy,
carried out both by official action and by incitements to
mob, and individual violence.

The conspirators openly avowed their purpose.

For example, the defendant Rosenberg stated:

" Anti-Semitism is the unifying element of the recon-
struction of Germany."

On another occasion he also stated:

"Germany will regard the Jewish question as solved only
after the very last Jew has left the greater German living
space...Europe will have its Jewish question solved only
after the very last Jew has left the continent."

The defendant Ley declared:

"We swear we are not going to abandon the struggle until
the last Jew in Europe has been exterminated and is actu-
ally dead. It is not enough to isolate the Jewish enemy of
mankind - the Jew has got to be exterminated."

On another occasion he also declared:

"The second German secret weapon is anti-Semitism, be-
cause if it is consistently pursued by Germany, it will be-
come a universal problem which all nations will be forced
to consider."

The defendant Streicher declared:

" The sun will not shine on the nations of the earth until the
last Jew is dead."

These avowals and incitements were typical of the declar-
ations of the Nazi conspirators throughout the course of
their conspiracy.

The programme of action against the Jews included dis-
franchisement, stigmatisation, denial of civil rights, sub-
jecting their persons and property to violence, deportation,
enslavement, enforced labour, starvation, murder and
mass extermination.

The extent to which the conspirators succeeded in their
purpose can only be estimated, but the annihilation was
substantially complete in many localities of Europe.

Of the 9,600,000 Jews who lived in the parts of Europe
under Nazi domination, it is conservatively estimated that
5,700,000 have disappeared, most of them deliberately
put to death by the Nazi conspirators. Only remnants of
the Jewish population of Europe remain. ...

--- end excerpt ---



From the first day of launching their attack on Soviet ter-
ritory the Nazi conspirators, in accordance with their de-
tailed plans, began to carry out the destruction of cities,
towns and villages, the demolition of factories, collective
farms, electric stations and railroads, the robbery and
barbaric devastation of the natural cultural institutions of
the peoples of the U.S.S.R., the devastation of museums,
churches, historic monuments, and mass deportation of
the Soviet citizens for slave labour to Germany, as well
as the annihilation of old people, women and children,
especially Byelo-Russians and Ukrainians.

The extermination of Jews was committed throughout the
territory of the Soviet Union.

... Throughout the period of their occupation of territories
overrun by their armed forces, the defendants, for the pur-
pose of systematically terrorising the inhabitants, ill-treated
civilians, imprisoned them without legal process, tortured
and murdered them.

The murders and ill-treatment were carried out by divers
means, such as shooting, hanging, gassing, starvation,
gross overcrowding, systematic under-nutrition, systematic
imposition of labour tasks beyond the strength of those
ordered to carry them out, inadequate provision of surgical
and medical services, kickings, beatings. brutality and tor-
ture of all kinds, including the use of hot irons and pulling
out of finger nails and the performance of experiments by
means of operations and otherwise on living human sub-

In some occupied territories the defendants interfered with
religious services, persecuted members of the clergy and
monastic orders, and expropriated church property.

They conducted deliberate and systematic genocide, viz.
the extermination of racial and national groups, against the
civilian population of certain occupied territories in order
to destroy particular races and classes of people, and
national, racial or religious groups, particularly Jews, Poles
and Gypsies, and others.

Civilians were systematically subjected to tortures of all
kinds, with the object of obtaining information.

Civilians of occupied countries were subjected systematic-
ally to "protective arrests," that is to say they were arrested
and imprisoned without any trial and any of the ordinary
protections of the law, and they were imprisoned under the
most unhealthy and inhumane conditions.

In the concentration camps were many prisoners who
were classified " Nacht und Nebel." These were entirely
cut off from the world and were allowed neither to receive
nor to send letters. They disappeared without trace and no
announcement of their fate was ever made by the German

... The following particulars and all the particulars appearing
later in this count are set out herein by way of example only,
are not exclusive of other particular cases, and are stated
without prejudice to the right of the prosecution to adduce
evidence of other cases of murder and ill-treatment of civil-

I. In France, Belgium, Holland, Denmark, Norway, Lux-
embourg, Italy and the Channel Islands (hereinafter called
the "Western Countries") and in that part of Germany which
lies West of a line draw due North and South through the
centre of Berlin (hereinafter called "Western Germany").

Such murder and ill-treatment took place in concentration
camps and similar establishments set up by the defendants,
and particularly in the concentration camps set up at Bel-
sen, Buchenwald, Dachau, Breendonck, Grini, Natzweiler,
Ravensbrueck, Vught and Amersfoort, and in numerous
cities, towns and villages, including Oradour sur Glane,
Trondheim and Oslo.

... In the concentration camps, the health regime and the
labour regime were such that the rate of mortality (alleged
to be from natural causes) attained enormous proportions.

... Methods used for the work of extermination in concen-
tration camps were: bad treatment, pseudo-scientific
experiments (sterilisation of women at Auschwitz and at
Ravensbrueck, study of the evolution of cancer of the
womb at Auschwitz, of typhus at Buchenwald, anatomical
research at Natzweiler, heart injections at Buchenwald,
bone grafting and muscular excisions at Ravensbrueck,
etc.), gas chambers, gas wagons and crematory ovens.

Of 228,000 French political and racial deportees in con-
centration camps, only 28,000 survived.

In France also systematic extermination was practised ...

--- end excerpts ---



... Throughout the territories occupied by the German
armed forces in the course of waging their aggressive wars,
the defendants adopted and put into effect on a wide scale
the practice of taking and killing hostages from the civilian
population. ...

--- end excerpt ---



... In certain occupied territories purportedly annexed to
Germany the defendants methodically and pursuant to
plan endeavoured to assimilate those territories politically,
culturally, socially and economically into the German Reich.

The defendants endeavoured to obliterate the former na-
tional character of these territories. In pursuance of these
plans and endeavours, the defendants forcibly deported
inhabitants who were predominantly non-German and
introduced thousands of German colonists.

This plan included economic domination, physical con-
quest, installation of puppet Governments, purported de
jure annexation and enforced conscription into the Ger-
man Armed Forces.

This was carried out in most of the Occupied Countries
including: Norway, France (particularly in the departments
of Upper Rhine, Lower Rhine, Moselle, Ardennes, Aisne,
Nord, and Meurthe), Luxembourg, the Soviet Union, Den-
mark, Belgium, Holland.

... From 1st September, 1939, when the German armed
forces invaded Poland, and from 22nd June, 1941, when
they invaded the U.S.S.R., the German Government and
the German High Command adopted a systematic policy
of murder and ill-treatment of the civilian populations of
and in the Eastern Countries as they were successively
occupied by the German armed forces.

These murders and ill-treatments were carried on contin-
uously until the German armed forces were driven out of
the said countries.

Such murders and ill-treatments included:

Murders and ill-treatments at concentration camps and
similar establishments set up by the Germans in the Eastern
Countries and in Eastern Germany including those set up
at Maidanek and Auschwitz.

The said murders and ill-treatments were carried out by
divers means including all those set out above, as follows :

About 1,500,000 persons were exterminated in Maidanek
and about 4,000,000 persons were exterminated in Ausch-
witz, among whom were citizens of Poland, the U.S.S.R.,
the United States of America, Great Britain, Czechoslo-
vakia, France and other countries.

In the Lwow region and in the city of Lwow the Germans
exterminated about 700,000 Soviet people, including
seventy persons in the field of the arts, science and tech-
nology, and also citizens of the U.S.A., Great Britain,
Czechoslovakia, Yugoslavia and Holland, brought to this
region from other concentration camps.

--- end excerpts ---

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