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Continuation of the records from the Nuremberg trials:



In the Jewish ghetto from 7th September, 1941, to 6th
July, 1943, over 133,000 persons were tortured and

Mass shooting of the population occurred in the suburbs
of the city and in the Livenitz forest.

In the Ganov camp 200,000 citizens were exterminated.
The most refined methods of cruelty were employed in
this extermination, such as disembowelling and the freez-
ing of human beings in tubs of water. Mass shooting took
place to the accompaniment of the music of an orchestra
recruited from the persons interned.

Beginning with June, 1943, the Germans carried out mea-
sures to hide the evidence of their crimes. They exhumed
and burned corpses, and they crushed the bones with
machines and used them for fertiliser.

At the beginning of 1944, in the Ozarichi region of the
Bielorussian S.S.R., before liberation by the Red Army,
the Germans established three concentration camps
without shelters, to which they committed tens of thous-
ands of persons from the neighbouring territories.

They intentionally brought many people to these camps
from typhus hospitals, for the purpose of infecting the
other persons interned and for spreading the disease in
territories from which the Germans were driven by the
Red Army. In these camps there were many murders
and crimes.

In the Esthonian S.S.R. they shot tens of thousands of
persons and in one day alone, 19th September, 1944, in
Camp Kloga, the Germans shot 2,000 peaceful citizens.
They burned the bodies on bonfires.

In the Lithuanian S.S.R. there were mass killings of Soviet
citizens, namely in Panerai at least 1,000,000; in Kaunas
more than 70,000; in Alitus about 60,000, at Prenai more
than 3,000; in Villiampol about 8,000; in Mariampol about
7,000; in Trakai and neighbouring towns 37,640.

In the Latvian S.S.R. 577,000 persons were murdered.

As a result of the whole system of internal order main-
tained in all camps, the interned persons were doomed
to die.

In a secret instruction entitled "the internal regime in con-
centration camps," signed personally by Himmler in 1941,
severe measures or punishment were set forth for the
internees. Masses of prisoners of war were shot, or died
from the cold and torture.

Murders and ill-treatments at places in the Eastern Coun-
tries and in the Soviet Union, other than in the camps
referred to in (a) above, included, on various dates during
the occupation by the German armed forces:

The destruction in the Smolensk region of over 135,000
Soviet citizens.

Among these, near the village of Kholmetz of the Sychev
region, when the military authorities were required to re-
move the mines from an area, on the order of the Com-
mander of the 101st German Infantry Division, Major-
General Fizler, the German soldiers gathered the inhab-
itants of the village of Kholmetz and forced them to re-
move mines from the road. All of these people lost their
lives as a result of exploding mines.

In the Leningrad region there were shot and tortured over
172,000 persons, including over 20,000 persons who
were killed in the city of Leningrad by the barbarous artil-
lery barrage and the bombings.

In the Stavropol region in an anti-tank trench close to the
station of Mineralny Vody, and in other cities, tens of
thousands of persons were exterminated.

In Pyatigorsk many were subjected to torture and criminal
treatment, including suspension from the ceiling and other
methods. Many of the victims of these tortures were then

In Krasnodar some 6,000 civilians were murdered by poi-
son gas in gas vans, or were shot and tortured.

In the Stalingrad region more than 40,000 persons were
killed and tortured. After the Germans were expelled from
Stalingrad, more than a thousand mutilated bodies of local
inhabitants were found with marks of torture.

One hundred and thirty-nine women had their arms painfully
bent backward and held by wires. From some their breasts
had been cut off, and their ears, fingers and toes had been
amputated. The bodies bore the marks of burns.

On the bodies of the men the five-pointed star was burned
with an iron or cut with a knife. Some were disembowelled.

In Orel over 5,000 persons were murdered.

In Novgorod and in the Novgorod region many thousands
of Soviet citizens were killed by shooting, starvation and
torture. In Minsk tens of thousands of citizens were similarly

In the Crimea peaceful citizens were gathered on barges,
taken out to sea and drowned, over 144,000 persons
being exterminated in this manner.

In the Soviet Ukraine there were monstrous criminal acts
of the Nazi conspirators. In Babi Yar, near Kiev, they shot
over 100,000 men, women, children and old people. In this
city in January, 1941, after the explosion in German head-
quarters on Dzerzhinsky Street the Germans arrested as
hostages 1,250 persons - old men, minors, women with
nursing infants. In Kiev they killed over 195,000 persons.

In Rovno and the Rovno region they killed and tortured
over 100,000 peaceful citizens.

In Dnepropetrovsk, near the Transport Institute, they shot
or threw alive into a great ravine 11,000 women, old men
and children.

In the Kamenetz-Podolsk region 31,000 Jews were shot
and exterminated, including 13,000 persons brought there
from Hungary.

In the Odessa region at least 200,000 Soviet citizens were

In Kharkov about 195,000 persons were either tortured to
death, shot or gassed in gas vans.

In Gomel the Germans rounded up the population in prison,
and tortured and tormented them, and then took them to the
centre of the city and shot them in public.

In the city of Lyda in the Grodnen region on 8th May, 1942,
5,670 persons were completely undressed, driven into
pens in groups of 100 and then shot by machine guns.
Many were thrown in the graves while they were still alive.

Along with adults the Nazi conspirators mercilessly destroyed
even children. They killed them with their parents, in groups
and alone. They killed them in children's homes and hospitals,
burying the living in the graves, throwing them into flames,
stabbing them with bayonets, poisoning them, conducting
experiments upon them, extracting their blood for the use of
the German Army, throwing them into prison and Gestapo
torture chambers and concentration camps, where the chil-
dren died from hunger, torture, and epidemic diseases.

From 6th September to 24th November, 1942, in the region
of Brest, Pinsk, Kobryn, Dyvina, Maloryta and Bereza-Kartuzka
about 400 children were shot by German punitive units.

In the Yanov camp in the city of Lwow the Germans killed
8,000 children in two months.

In the resort of Tiberda the Germans annihilated 500 chil-
dren suffering from tuberculosis of the bone, who were in
the sanatorium for the cure.

On the territory of the Latvian S.S.R. the German usurpers
killed thousands of children, whom they had brought there
with their parents from the Byelo-Russian S.S.R., and from
the Kalinin, Kaluga and other regions of the R.S.F.S.R.

In Czechoslovakia, as a result of torture, beating, hanging,
and shooting, there were annihilated in Gestapo prisons in
Brno, Seim and other places over 20,000 persons. More-
over many thousands of internees were subjected to crim-
inal treatment, beatings and torture.

Both before the war, as well as during the war, thousands
of Czech patriots, in particular Catholics and Protestants,
lawyers, doctors, teachers, etc., were arrested as hostages
and imprisoned. A large number of these hostages were
killed by the Germans.

In Greece in October, 1941, the male populations between
16 and 60 years of age of the Greek villages Amelofito,
Kliston, Kizonia Mesevunos, Selli, Ano-Kerzillon and Kato-
Kerzilion were shot-in all 416 persons.

In Yugoslavia many thousands of civilians were murdered.

... The German occupying authorities deported from the
Soviet Union to slavery about 4,978,000 Soviet citizens.

750,000 Czechoslovakian citizens were taken away for
forced labour outside the Czechoslovak frontiers in the
interior of the German war machine.

... In the Eastern Countries: At Orel prisoners of war were
exterminated by starvation, shooting, exposure, and poi-

Soviet prisoners of war were murdered en masse on
orders from the High Command and the Headquarters of
the SIPO and SD. Tens of thousands of Soviet prisoners
of war were tortured and murdered at the "Cross Lazaret"
at Slavuta.

... In September, 1941, 11,000 Polish officers, who were
prisoners of war were killed in the Katyn Forest near Smo-

In Yugoslavia the German Command and the occupying
authorities in the person of the chief officials of the Police,
the SS troops (Police Lieutenant General Rosener) and
the Divisional Group Command (General Kubler and
others) in the period 1941-43 ordered the shooting of
prisoners of war.

... At Kragnevatz in Yugoslavia 2,300 hostages were shot
in October, 1941.

At Kraljevo in Yugoslavia 5,000 hostages were shot.

... During the occupation of the Eastern Countries the
German Government and the German High Command
carried out, as a systematic policy, a continuous course
of plunder and destruction including:

On the territory of the Soviet Union the Nazi conspirators
destroyed or severely damaged 1,710 cities and more
than 70,000 villages and hamlets, more than 6,000,000
buildings and rendered homeless about 25,000,000 per-

Among the cities which suffered most destruction are
Stalingrad, Sevastopol, Kiev, Minsk, Odessa, Smolensk,
Novgorod, Pskov, Orel, Kharkov, Voronezh, Rostov-on-Don,
Stalino and Leningrad.

As is evident from an official memorandum of the German
Command, the Nazi conspirators planned the complete
annihilation of entire Soviet cities. In a completely secret
order of the Chief of the Naval Staff ... it was said:

"The Fuehrer has decided to erase St. Petersburg from
the face of the earth. The existence of this large city will
have no further interest after Soviet Russia is destroyed.
... The problem of the lives of the population and of their
provisioning is a problem which cannot and must not be
decided by us. In this war ... we are not interested in pre-
serving even a part of the population of this large city." ...

--- end excerpts ---



... For the purposes set out above, the defendants adop-
ted a policy of persecution, repression, and extermination
of all civilians in Germany who were, or who were believed
to be, or who were believed likely to become, hostile to the
Nazi Government and the Common Plan or Conspiracy
described in Count One.

They imprisoned such persons without judicial process,
holding them in "protective custody" and concentration
camps, and subjected them to persecution, degradation,
despoilment, enslavement, torture and murder.

... opponents of the German Government were extermin-
ated and persecuted. These persecutions were directed
against Jews. They were also directed against persons
whose political belief or spiritual aspirations were deemed
to be in conflict with the aims of the Nazis.

Jews were systematically persecuted since 1933; they
were deprived of liberty, thrown into concentration camps
where they were murdered and ill-treated. Their property
was confiscated. Hundreds of thousands of Jews were
so treated before the 1st September, 1939.

Since the 1st September, 1939, the persecution of the
Jews was redoubled; millions of Jews from Germany and
from the occupied Western Countries were sent to the
Eastern Countries for extermination.

... Among other mass murders of Jews were the following:

At Kislovdosk all Jews were made to give up their property;
2,000 were shot in an anti-tank ditch at Mineralniye Vodi;
4,300 other Jews were shot in the same ditch.

60,000 Jews were shot on an island on the Dvina near Riga.

20,000 Jews were shot at Lutsk.

32,000 Jews were shot at Sarny.

60,000 Jews were shot at Kiev and Dniepropetrovsk.

Thousands of Jews were gassed weekly by means of gas-
wagons which broke down from overwork.

As the Germans retreated before the Soviet Army they
exterminated Jews rather than allow them to be liberated.
Many concentration camps and ghettos were set up in
which Jews were incarcerated and tortured, starved, sub-
jected to merciless atrocities and finally exterminated.

About 70,000 Jews were exterminated in Yugoslavia. ...

--- end excerpts ---

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