Youth-Brainwashing-Hitler's Germany
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I'm watching a show on the history channel (from an
old tape I recorded) called "Youth of the Third Reich"
right now. It's amazing, the similarity in the way the very
young were entrapped in Nazism and the same exact
methodologies used to entrap children in religious faith.

The last to die for Hitler? Children, boys, devoted to the
end for the cause they were raised from a very young
age to follow.

Quotes from early in the episode: "How do you attract
children? By promising that they'll be very special. ...

.. the promise of being part of something great gave
them a feeling of security, and made them obedient ...

... the seducer ignored their minds, and played on their
feelings ... if the majority of adults succumb to the mania,
then children are easy prey ... the allure of the Hitler youth
was so strong that there was no need for compulsion - it
worked even on those excluded ...

... brainwashing, in carefully measured doses, at an age
when the personality is developing ... the words of songs
repeated a 100 times, the strongest weapons in children's
hearts ... words they would never forget ...

... (from a lady raised in the Reich) -- 'We adopted those
words unthinkingly, we just rattled off what we were taught
because we thought it must be right.' ..."

- - -

The similarity to the way children are raised within religion
is undeniable, and exactly the same as the Nazi youth, with
brains being turned off, and children treated as naught but
puppets to be molded into exactly what the ruling authority
desires, just as the ruling authority was brainwashed as
children, and so the cycle continues, from one generation
to the next, with few exceptions, with most children in the
world submitted to religious brainwashing from which they
struggle their entire lives, oft-times repeating the cycle with
their own children ...

- - -

A German woman comments, recently: "Exactly like God,
for me he was exactly like God." (her reference, over 50
years after the events, to her feelings regarding Hitler)

- - -