Circle of All That Is
(Top Posts - Philosophy (FREELOVER) - 051801)

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>>> Activities (events) <<<

The all-but infinite array of activities (events) that
occur in each moment is a progression, a result
of all that is and all that has been (due to natural law
and response to stimuli).


>>> Reactions <<<

Reactions occur by inanimate matter, animate matter
not thought to be capable of attributive reasoning,
and sentient beings, composed of 1 or more of the

- -

strong positive reaction
mild positive reaction
no reaction
mild negative reaction
strong negative reaction


>>> Morality <<<

Moral determinations are made (by sentient beings),
composed of 1 or more of the following:

- -

strong approval (strong positive reaction)
approval or acceptance (mild positive reaction)
ambivalence or distance (no reaction)
disapproval or rejection (or mild anti-reaction)
strong disapproval (or strong anti-reaction)


>>> Result - back to Activities (events), above <<<

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Persons of faith use a magic being world (some strug-
gling against naturalism, others willing to accept natur-
alism as being at play in varying degrees) to describe
all that is.

Persons of non-faith comprehend a natural world as
explaining all that is, with mystery and unknowns dealt
with in varied ways (some, agnostics for example,
refuse to either believe or disbelieve that magic beings
may be at play, while others, freethinking naturalists,
for example, see no reason to call the unknown any-
thing other than natural and unknown).

Activity can be explained based on all that is, above, and
morality is merely an approval/ambivalence/disapproval
means of interpreting/supporting our reactions to stimuli.

Many of society's views of morality divorce themselves
from the actual nature of our activity (ignoring or dismis-
sing the complex naturalistic role that stimuli plays in the

In current societal structures, individual responsibility is
treated as an icon of behavior, the responsibility of the
stimuli in any activity is often trivialized, and each human
is treated as an island apart from the all-but infinite cause
of one's activity.

Ideally, humankind can and should aspire to intellectually
ascertain the profound complexity of each of our activities
and work towards a more positive and pro-human world
by recognizing that every activity (event) is a result of all
that is and all that has ever been.

To honestly determine what led to an activity (event), to
be fair and genuinely responsible, the entire continuum of
all that is must be taken into consideration.

Put another way, the concepts of blame and reward that
humankind and societies are currently structured upon are
overly simplistic, fundamentally flawed, intellectually stunted,
and deviously deceptive. The result? We are living out our
lives based on simpleminded systems from our primitive
past, far apart from that which is the actual nature of being.

- - -

A better way?

Less caveman morality, more realization of the complex
interrelationships and shared responsibilities each of us
has upon the behavior and activities (events) that occur
by each of us and those impacted by each of us.

When one of us fails, all who have impacted the one are
part of the reason for the failure of the one.

When one of us succeeds, all who have impacted the one
are part of the reason for the success of the one.

Shared responsibility, shared blame, shared reward, a com-
munity of all humans for all humans, these are the intellectual
values by which humankind can progress to a more rational,
moral, fair, honest, and egalitarian value system by which we
all can be both enriched and empowered.

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