What is your 'drive' for posting in
religious newsgroups?
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In response to a recent question regarding what
my 'drive' is for posting information pertaining to
Pro-Humanist FREELOVER principles and views,
in religious newsgroups, I responded as follows ...

Well, my standard answer is that each of us is the
totality of our genes + stimuli (inclusive of all life
experiences) + random brain activity. That's a rather
impersonal answer, so let me try to clarify and add
to that, with more in the way of self-analysis.

- - -

Let's see, 'drive', hmmm, well, I do have over 550
posts on my website. Those were made over a period
of, as best I recall, just approximating, about 7 years
and counting, so since each post was made one at
a time over that span, obviously I had a lot to say.

Many of those, as you've probably noticed, are re-
search-oriented in nature, dealing with science and
historical facts and information available on the web.
Many are philosophical in nature, dealing with the
nature of belief, doubt, and disbelief in the super-

Some are philosophies dealing with alternatives to
the religious blind faith approach.

But still, drive ... haven't touched on that ... not in
detail, not in a revelatory manner.

I like to write, that's one thing, something that has
quite a widespread commonality with newsgroup
posters -and- bloggers.

I've got a lot to say, for another thing, and am con-
stantly trying to parse information which many, in
America, are either unaware of are have been mis-
led to doubt in/dismiss thanks to church propaganda.

- - -

The first 18 years of my life, no outlet for doubt or
disbelief, being raised in a Southern Baptist home,
son of a preacher, and silence was my approach,
while surrounded by religious faith and belief. Per-
haps, in my mind, with all the doubt I had, it was
stored and pondered, and contemplated and once
the outlet of the internet presented itself, and I made
that final shift from agnostic meekness to outspoken
opposition to religion, like a dam bursting, all that I
had held inside for over 40 years came forth, and
continues to do so ...

- - -

Last night, for example, I'm really tired and I go to
bed thinking about the posts of david the muslim (or,
to be more accurate, david the creator/god/allah guy
who hates usury and likes the quran and is really fond
of using the hell threat), as in all these years of posting
I can't recall running across a guy like david.

For one thing, muslims rarely show up in christian news-
groups, and I cannot recall ever talking to a muslim who
had a rather theistic-deistic presentment focused on a
creator being, persistent in attributing all, no matter
what, to said creator.

I've dealt with creationist-types and ID-types before, and
can recall having some success in conveying information
regarding naturalism that they weren't aware of -or- had
dismissed, but david? It's as if I could present an encyclo-
pedia of naturalistic information and knowledge, and his
reply would always remain, the creator/god/allah thing
did it.

I'm still working on that, thinking that if I change my approach,
use a different angle, find some information that david is un-
aware of, present the information in a different way, there'll
be some progress in our discussions.

- - -

I would hope that one could ascertain my drive from reading
the posts I've made, but another clue is my personality type,
idealist (spontaneous + ideas + hearts + introvert). From the
16 personality types presented at the following website, one
can take this test and, perhaps, learn about one's self, one's
partner, and others, if one is interested in pondering what
'drives' particular individuals, on a general if not specific

For an idealist, -if- one feels that the world would be a bet-
ter place with a pro-human philosophy apart from religion,
one in which making the most out of this one and only
*sure* chance at it is viewed as a far better ideal than the
anti-humanistic remnants of ancient anachronistic supersti-
tions, -if- one refuses to buy into the religiously-based con
that one's only socially-acceptable option with God/religion
is to believe (preferred) or to shut up, as God/religion is
'good' and disbelief is bad but tolerable only if one keeps
one's doubt/disbelief to one's self ...

... One is likely to end up a Pro-Humanist FREELOVER.

- - -

Additionally, let's see if I can find a particular past post that
best conveys some of what drives me.

Here's what I had do say about such matters on February
27, 2001: Why Promote Freedom From Faith?

- - - see post for details - - -

I went from theism to silent meek agnosticism to (many
many years later) atheism to Pro-Humanist FREELOVER,
all along quite fond of secular humanism and separation
of church and state. Stopped attending church when I left
home to go to UT.

Keep in mind, religions (and society, at large) delight in
silence of doubters/disbelievers/believers in alternative
faiths. You've been taught by society, if not by family,
friends, and other contacts, that keeping your mouth
shut (about politics and religion) is the best policy, at
least it's the best policy in 'mixed company'.

Religious types, by and large, aren't so shy, as they've
been taught that God is good, and spreading 'the word'
is admirable. So, in the public discourse, the type of
post you made earlier in this thread
is rarely heard. That
was a most excellent post, by the way.

Being an idealist, I've come to the point where expressing
alternatives to blind faith/religion and countering the pres-
sure to be silent about doubt/disbelief is driving me to
express said alternatives.

That's as of today.

- - -

I did take quite a long break from expressing my views,
from about August, 2003, to December, 2004, at least
it was a break from religious newsgroups for the most
part, so hey, who knows what the future holds on that.
Not me.

My genes + stimuli (inclusive of life experiences) + ran-
dom brain activity will result in the outcome.

- - -