Hell, Humanism, Tolerance, Christian Upbringing
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Burn in Hell Forever, Maybe?

Ever told a child they'll burn in hell, forever, if they
don't believe?

Try to pretend you're a preacher in, oh I dunno, a
Methodist Church in Midland-Odessa like the Bush
man was influenced by, or a Southern Baptist Church
in any town in Texas many Texans were influenced
by, and spout the evil and anti-human doctrine that
children will burn in hell if they don't believe, that the
supposed creator of the universe hates them so
much that he'll torture them in the most evil way
possible if they don't believe in him, follow him,
become little more than a slave to his every whim ...

Or, pretend you're a child in said setting ...

And then, perhaps, you might begin to understand
why I find religion to be among the most evil and
anti-human creations in history ... leading to some
of the most evil and anti-human acts in history ...

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Humanism -- Tolerant of Belief?

Depends on what those beliefs are, what they're based
on, if they're loaded with evil and anti-humanism and
myth-taught-as-fact, designed to brainwash innnocents,
or if they're pro-human and conducive to the best that
we can be, to open-minded search for verity in this, our
one and only *sure* opportunity at life.

Nazism, unapologetically opposed to that am I. Religion,
of the delusional, ancient, deceptive, childhood brain-
washing type that does nothing but promote submission
and slavery of the human mind and heart to an ancient
evil corrupting mindset that permeates society today?
Unapolgetically and actively opposed to that, am I.

Got any pro-human fantasies you'd like to promote, with
really nice deities and with harm to humans far removed
from said fantasies? That I'd be interested in considering,
not so much as something worthy of worship and brain-
washing for children, but something doing far less harm
than is the evil that is the current shape and form of most
ancient religions corrupting the mindset of those who still
live centered on ancient myth.

As for tolerant, how tolerant would any religion be to let
me speak at their church, mosque, temple, synagogue?
Liberal religious entities, yep. Fundie entities, nope, as
intolerance is the motto most of them live by.

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Raised a Southern Baptist

Having been raised in a fundie Southern Baptist church,
if I had no hands, I could count on all fingers the number
of times that the perspective of disbelief was welcomed.

That's right, it was treated as evil, sinful, despicable, work
of the devil, and ostracized/banned, for their goal and in-
tent, solely, was to push their belief, no matter what, no
matter how insane, with alternative points of view demon-
ized, as if alternatives didn't exist except as sin. Oh, and
by the way, type 1 diabetes have I, and in 18 years grow-
ing up in a Southern Baptist church, NOT ONCE was that
subject EVER addressed. NOT ONCE.

Being that I've had that lifelong challenging (to put it mildly)
disease, 24by7by365 (366 every leap year) ... being that
I've had that disease from the age of 5, needless to say,
I'm to this day mystified as how something so central to
my perspective on life was totally ignored, as if the church,
and GOD were in a world apart from my life experience,
and I visited that domain practically every Sunday morning
and evening, Sunday School and pre-evening worship
indoctrination and all, -and- Wednesday evenings, and
church revivals for the first 18 years of my life.

A religion, a church, which ostracizes a child for 18 years,
which treats a child as if the child, per ancient literature, is
something evil and worthy of immortal torment, is more than
likely to get, in return ... someone who sees the shortcom-
ings and deceptions of religion as among the anti-human
influences on the planet,


Hey, religions can reform/adapt/improve, and put their short-
comings behind them, many of them at least. How many re-
mains to be seen.

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