Top Posts - Philosophy (FREELOVER)

For a concise summary of FREELOVER
principles, refer to the following links to my
top posts which have addressed various
aspects of FREELOVER principles/philoso-
phies ...

48. Imagine & Disbelief (John Lennon) Video
"... You may say that I'm a dreamer
But I'm not the only one
I hope someday you'll join us
And the world will live as one
... God is a concept,
By which we can measure,
Our pain, ...
I don't believe in magic, ...
I don't believe in bible, ...
I don't believe in Jesus, ...
The dream is over ..."

47. How to Resist the Incivility Temptation
"... Recently, I developed a method of dealing
with that incivility temptation, that being as
follows ..."

46. Origin of Earth Life,
Belief/Disbelief in Supernaturalism (031208 to 032108)

45. 99.9% Natural? (062407)
"... Why only 99.9% natural? Well, I left .1% for
human imagination, not that human imagination is
unnatural, it's just that in human imagination, vio-
lating the laws of physics, the laws of space, the
laws of time, are easily done. I suspect that it's in
that .1% that all of religion was derived, only it's
just that it's not called imagination when it comes
to religion. Instead, it's called Truth, reality, faith,
immortality, God, Allah, Shiva, Jesus, Mohammad,
and much much more. ..."

44. To Think, To Seek, To Know,
Values Worth Living For (051507)
"To live is but a brief glimpse
  of all that ever was
  and all that ever will be. ..."

43. Richard Dawkins Believes (051207)
"You’re preaching to the choir. What’s the point?" 
The nonbelieving choir is much bigger than people
think, and it desperately needs encouragement to
come out. Judging by the thanks that showered my
North American book tour, my articulation of hitherto
closeted thoughts is heard as a kind of liberation. ...

42. Veritania (102806)
"Welcome, one and all, to the Veritania,
a ship designed to journey through all
that is known, all that is unknown, all that
has been proposed, in search of the
most precious commodity called by
various words, words such as reality,
truth, spirituality, nature, wisdom, love,
understanding, peace, and more. ..."

41. What is a Human Being? (022805)
"... A human being is someone who has no
earthly clue of where it came from, what life
is all about, or where it's going. ..."

40. Why are you posting in Christian
newsgroups? (022605)
"... there are plenty of reasons why someone might
find merit & pro-humanism in speaking to believers
(all of whom have doubts & disbelief, some more
pronounced than others) and the religiously curious,
presenting facts & opinions in variance with the
blind faith propaganda ...

39. What is your 'drive' for posting in
religious newsgroups? (022605)
"... Perhaps, in my mind, with all the doubt I had, it
was stored and pondered, and contemplated and
once the outlet of the internet presented itself, and
I made that final shift from agnostic meekness to
outspoken opposition to religion, like a dam burst-
ing, all that I had held inside for over 40 years came
forth, and continues to do so ...

38. Hell, Humanism, Tolerance, Christian
Upbringing (122604)

"Burn in Hell Forever, Maybe? ... Humanism -- Tolerant
of Belief? ... Raised a Southern Baptist ...

37. Silence is Golden? (060803)
"As for the desire of more than a few to maintain /
perpetuate / propagate the blind faith trap, implied
by the disdain of more than a few regarding the
advantages of non-faith being pointed out to christians,
that's a typical modus operandi promoted by religious
institutions. ...

36. What is truth? (052503)
"In my opinion, truth is ideally best described
as that which resides within a naturalistic domain,
that which is honest - forthright - sincere -
verifiable - testable, that which does not go away
when belief is suspended, that which describes the
essence of validatable and substantive fact or is
factual to the degree that disbelief is intellect-
ually challenging. ..."

35. Freethinking Tracts/Art/Supporting Docs (051703)
"The following links provide the type of tracts, art,
and supporting documents in favor of open-minded
pursuit of verity in our one and only sure chance at
life, on this earth, at this time ...

34. Valuable Links for Seekers / Humanists / Atheists /
Naturalists / Agnostics / Nonreligionists / Nontheists /
Antireligionists / Realists / Educationalists / Experimentalists /
Freethinkers / Enlightened / Rationalists / Secularists (053002)

33. You, I, We - Time for a Change in
Perception (051102)
"Philosophically speaking, every act and
every deed and every thought in every now,
both random -and- caused, entails an
unfathombably vast "we" including everyone
and everything else, all results of all that is
and all that ever was ..."

32. What's Keeping You From Taking
Pride In ... (050102)
"... your acceptance of a naturalistic fate in
a naturalistic world? ... Live for the *now*,
for the eternal *now*, for that, my friends,
is all that we have, all that ever has been,
all that ever will be. ..."

31. Religious miracles / Naturalism /
Religion / Faith / "The Way" (050102)
"... Perhaps, "The Best Way" is a replacement for
so-called "holy" documents with what one might
think of as a "holy" document of humankind, for
humankind, free of gods, free of ancient myths,
and free of anti-humanism. ..."

30. Teaching 'Thinking' (072001)
"... Had an interesting conversation with my
dad, yesterday. We actually talked about God,
my atheistic views, his seminary teaching, his
life as a pastor. Many issues came up, all of
which we're quite attuned to in this newsgroup
(alt.atheism). ..."

29. Faith in Pro-Humanism (070301)
"... Feel free to compare this faith with traditional
faiths and in so doing, if you must be 'of faith',
choose the faith that mates to the essence of
that which is the best within you. ... [note - this
post is accessible from the FREELOVER Links
drop-down menu bar on every Pro-Humanist

28. Circle of All That Is (051801)
"... Persons of faith use a magic being world
(some struggling against naturalism, others
willing to accept naturalism as being at play
in varying degrees) to describe all that is. ...
Persons of non-faith comprehend a natural
world as explaining all that is, with mystery
and unknowns dealt with in varied ways ... "

27. Charts - Disbelief/Belief ...
Pro-Humanism/Anti-Humanism (050101)
"... As for our individual approaches to life,
I ask you, placing yourself into both charts,
and assessing your position as well as the
positions of others in the current day and
throughout history, does this not reveal a
relevant and profound consideration of that
which is the reality of being? ... "

26. Love of Verity (042401)
"Is open-minded search for verity, in a real
world, free of faith and religious dogma, an
unwise endeavor by humankind? No, it can
be wise, caring, considerate, and complemen-
tary to pro-human views, when approached
from the standpoint of searching for and re-
specting truth and fulfillment in a natural
world of wonder. ... "

25. Grace (before a meal) (032901)
"... For those called to pray before a meal,
consider the following prayer of a pro-human
nature... "

24. The Amazing Illusion of Choice (032401)
"... I am a result, this post is a result, of all
that has been before this moment in my life,
all my genes, memes, and life experiences,
and all genes that have come before me that
are a part of my genes, as well as all memes
that led to the memes that influenced me as
well as all life experiences and pre-life experi-
ences that led to the life experiences I've been
exposed to <deep breath>, no more, no less. ..."

23. FREELOVER News Views (030701)
"... Disable temporarily without pain or threat
of death. ... Recognition that an idea, a thought,
a single deed of kindness, a concept of freedom
of religion and freedom to live free of religion,
those are far more pro-human and productive ...
Have teaching/practice of pro-humanism in
schools ... A brotherhood and sisterhood of
humankind, all humans for all humans ..."

22. Why Promote Freedom From Faith?
"... We, the pro-human pro-free-speech
folks of the disbelief community, bother to
take the time and make the effort to connect
with the faithful in order to help people live
free, seek verity, and live out their one and
only sure shot at life in a full and meaningful
manner, for the good of the many and the
now, with respect to the truth of whatever
ultimate destiny nature has provided us

21. Feeling the Truth (Why is the Sky
Blue?) (021801)
"... I suppose the amount of interest one has
in truth is related to the amount of interest one
has in peeling back the layers of mystery to
understand the real nature of our being, so
that humans can max out our one *sure* shot
at life. ..."

20. Nice Things (011701)
"Just posting some nice things. Sometimes,
communication gets hostile in here and it
seems people forget how nice life can be."

19. Love the ... (011701)
"... disbelievers as you are one with them
and they are one with you. ... believers as
you are one with them and they are one
with you. ..."

18. Humans - Like Nature's Snow
Crystals? (011501)
"Excerpt from a fascinating article on snow
crystals follows. For an interesting compar-
ison to humans, think of ... snow crystals as
an analogy to humans ..."

17. Direct From _____ to You (121700)
"... For me, 'a natural world' would seem
to be, by far, the most logical, complete,
existentially supportable, and reasonable
answer for _____, and in the knowing of
'a natural world' is the resolution of all
mystery. ..."

16. We are all One ... (102500)
"... with the cosmos. We flow through life with
the illusion of control, but with very little we are
actually in control of, an inevitable event/being
in a vast cosmos of time and space, inextricably
linked to one another and to our surroundings
in which we find ourselves. ..."

15. FREELOVER Principles ... (100400)
"... For me, personally, disbelief in blind faith, 
religions, and imaginary beings led me to ponder
what, free of the burdens of blind faith, I wanted
to be about, leading me to a definition of my
personal beliefs based on FREELOVER prin-
ciples ... [note - this post is accessible from
the FREELOVER Links drop-down menu
bar on every Pro-Humanist FREELOVER

14. Shocker for Folks Who Believe in
Oblivion ... (092000)
"... You may live forever in a natural way,
along with every other bit of matter, in a
natural world, in the multiverse or in a
parallel universe or in an alternate and
naturalistic dimension, free of super-
natural beings of any kind."

13. Values Worth Living For (091500)
"... We all face the absolute uncertainty of
what came before each of us and what,
humans forbid, comes after each of us
passes from this plain of existence. Facing
and dealing with those uncertainties is as
certain as is the breathing of air and the
beating of your heart. ..."

12. My Little Piece of the Pie (081100)
"... I'm mad as hell and I'm not gonna take it
anymore! What is it that we're all prancing
about? Why are we here? Where are we
going? Why are we pretending instead of
just being? We all seek happiness, yet our
way of going about it is quite a bit con-
voluted, don't you think, maybe? ..."

11. Out With the Old, In With the New
"... The Humanal - no God required or
desired - the wisdom of humans is *all*
we have; admitting that and using human
knowledge to search for the truth is a
primary goal here, providing humanity
with a central source of knowledge on
such weighty subjects as origins of the
universe, origins of life, basis of all
popular religions from the standpoint
of reasoning ..."

10. The Problem of Silence (070100)
"So, a bunch of people are gathered together
and someone says 'Thank god ....' and the
conversation continues and discussions
about church and making sure the children
go to church and so on and so forth and ..."

9. Theory of Matter and Time (063000)

"At some point in time, I began to recognize
myself as a viable entity. At no point in time
will I know oblivion. Knowledge of oblivion
is impossible. When was that? That point in
time when I began to recognize myself as a
viable entity? ..."

8. A world of truth ... (062600)
"...and the best humankind has to offer would
teach our children that 1) we don't know who
we are, 2) we don't know where we came from,
3) we don't know where we're going, 4) we love
our children ..."

7. Hope for a Pleasant Religious-free
Immortality (062600)
"... a view of hope from a FREELOVER - let's
discuss it, warts and all. Let's discuss the
hope for a pleasant immortality *without*
referencing the constructs of immortality
heretofore presented by ancient and clueless
religions ..."

6. Personal Testimony (061800)
"Christians, at least the Christians I was raised
with, are big on personal testimony. Let me
give you mine. ..."

5. Fun is Good (061800)
"Since this life is all there is, enjoy it to the max.
The more joy and happiness you can bring to
yourself and to others, the better off you and
others are. Having fun is good as long as you
aren't hurtin' anyone else. Enjoy life to the max!
Go for it!! Party down 7x24x365(366 every 4th
year)!!! Live life (to the fullest) and prosper.
Now is all you'll ever have. ..."

4. Love a Fundy Today .. (053000)
"... It really confuses them (when coming
from a disbeliever). ..."

3. Love a Disbeliever Today ... (053000)
"Some christians have a saying "hate the sin,
love the sinner". Having been a participant on
the alt.atheism and religious newsgroups for
close to 16 months, I must say I rarely see
christians expressing love for disbelievers.
Why is that? ..."

2. Red Light (052300)
"... We've been raised to follow the rules, no
matter what. We all do it. We stop at red
lights and irregardless of the lack of passing
traffic, we wait for that green light to appear,
but only for so long ..."

1. Being (051400)
"... Funny thing is, no matter what, we all
share a common experience of being on
this planet, at this time, in this life. That's
right, irregardless of belief or disbelief,
the incredible and undeniable experience
of just being is ours to share. ..."