Silence is Golden?
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In my opinion, many christians have an opportunity to broaden their horizons by recognizing the mythical / contradictory / illogical / irrational aspects of belief in gods, perspectives that many christians are trained to deny and resist in order to perpetuate the blind faith trap.

As for the desire of more than a few to maintain / perpetuate / propagate the blind faith trap, implied by the disdain of more than a few regarding the advantages of non-faith being pointed out to christians, that's a typical modus operandi promoted by religious institutions.

More than a few have been taught, by many religious messages / sermons / so-called "holy" foundational scriptures, to be silent or feel guilty about doubt, and to be supportive when folks are promoting god in a way believers find to be "good".

Silence is not an adequate counterpoint to religion, as religions and religious followers well know. 'Tis why such entities delight in promoting

1) belief (as good),

2) spreading of belief to others (as good),

3) silence of disbelievers (disbelief being held in low esteem, but if one must disbelieve, silence is taught as the way to disbelieve), and

4) disdain towards speaking up about disbelief (speaking up as to the logic and reason underlying disbelief is taught by many religions as evil, and in some cultures, as punishable by imprisonment, torment, or death).