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Welcome, one and all, to the Veritania,
a ship designed to journey through all
that is known, all that is unknown, all that
has been proposed, in search of the
most precious commodity called by
various words, words such as reality,
truth, spirituality, nature, wisdom, love,
understanding, peace, and more.

I expect that based on individual exper-
iences, and differences, along with a
multitude of similar genetic and memetic
influences, the journey shall be familiar
to each of us.

Do not be troubled, for from all that has
been we come, and to a destiny shaped
by the very nature of our existences, we
ultimately go.

And now, all aboard, steady as she goes,
the Veritania embarks to points in which
our similarities and uniqueness may very
well end up leading us to a common des-
tination, though our stops along the way
may very well differ ...


1. Humans can and should question the great unknowns, explore and ponder the imponderables, seek out to know what no human has known before, to go where no human has gone before, and humans should accept that the multitude of religious supernatural claims are simply a result of myth-making, not revelation, fantasies, not facts.

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2. Humans should accept the ultimate explanations handed down by traditions and religions from hundreds, even thousands of years ago, and should interpret knowledge in a way consistent with those traditions and with religions which are consistent with those traditions, unless they are anti-human.

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3. Based on exploration of unknowns, all that can be achieved in this life, for humans, in the way of treating and curing diseases, helping the under-privileged, nurturing egalitarian values, experiencing pleasure in a manner respectful towards consent, and expanding human knowledge in a way by which the value of this one and only *certain* life we know can be enhanced for as many as possible, rather than merely for a minority of elites, these are noble goals to live by.

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4. Pro-Human science is embraced as a blessing from God, not shunned as a curse against God, and as a blessing from God, the Pro-Human advancement of science and knowledge is viewed as one with goodness and hope and grace and mercy.

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5. A humankind united for the best we can be can result, in this one *certain* life we share, with agreement that differences can be bridged and tolerated so long as anti-humanism is absent, so long as freedom, and liberty, and esteem for the worth and value of Pro-Humanism is respected.

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