What is a Human Being?
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A human being is someone who sleeps one-third of its life.
[more or less, with some sleeping much less, and some
sleeping much more]

A human being is someone who eats 2,000 to 3,000 calories
per day. [more or less, as some go days without eating, and
some overindulge in binges, on occasion]

A human being is someone who has no earthly clue of where
it came from, what life is all about, or where it's going. [more
or less, as many pretend they know, and many assess the
whole affair as a naturalistic consequence, with mysteries

A human being is someone who pretends, who lies, who makes
believe that it knows what life is all about, while having nary
a clue other than knowing if it doesn't do what is required to
feed its face, it dies. [a bit overly simplistic, that, but that does
describe, in general, the approach of many]

A human being often seeks and achieves a degree of pleasure
from its short existence in this world.

A human being often deludes itself and pretend it knows what
life is all about, while deep inside feeling free to be honest with
itself, knowing that it has not a clue but, for appearances, just
appearing to know is the deal, to fit in, to conform, to go along,
to do what has to be done to make it in a world that, for the
most part, couldn't care less about truth.

A human being typically cares about its young and cares about
those critical to the survival of the human being assessing said
camaraderie, yet truly, on a deep and cut-to-the-bone level, a
human being knows that those it cares about and shares with,
and those who are kin to it, those individuals would sooner
stab it in the back given the opportunity, if said opportunity
yielded the friends and family of the human being the means
to attain an advantage, a mating opportunity, a financial/social/
cultural gain.

A human being exists alone, apart from its peers, isolated and
desolate in its attempt to emerge from its solitude and bond with
its fellow beings. [although many spend a lot of time in pair
bonds, families, and groups]

To be a human being is but to suffer the slings and arrows of
outrageous fortune, knowing that to take arms against a sea
of troubles is but to attempt to end them for a moment, a temp-
orary respite, if achieved, but as fate would have it, all such
attempts are but a brief respite from its ultimate destiny ...

But, on a brighter note, a human being is one which strives to
know what life is all about, to defeat the slings and arrows of
outrageous fortune, to attain an understanding of and a triumph
over the fate of its ancestors, reaching a level of perpetuity mat-
ing to the promise of immortality residing in the ancient myths ...

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