What is truth?
(Top Posts - Philosophy (FREELOVER) - 052503)

In my opinion, truth is ideally best described as that which resides within a naturalistic domain, that which is honest - forthright - sincere - verifiable - testable, that which does not go away when belief is suspended, that which describes the essence of validatable and substantive fact or is factual to the degree that disbelief is intellectually challenging.

Saying something is true does not make it so (merely by statement) as logic and evidence (assessed with reasonable doubt and reasonable skepticism) must be utilized if any truth claim is to be justified in a manner encompassing integrity.

Unfortunately, religious documents (such as the christian bible) and religious faith promoters abuse the word and toss it around regarding supernatural claims.

That technique (calling some supernatural concepts-beings places true when they're unsubstantiated claims, fantasies, superstitions, myths, or [at worst] deceptions / lies / delusions) is one of the many ways religious folks seduce children into the blind faith trap.

Once trapped, the canting of truth regarding bible claims (along with other methods such as seductions, temptations, promises, cons, threats) keeps many children and adults ensnared in blind faith for life.