Why are you posting in Christian
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Recently, a believer asked the following
question ...
> So why are you posting in Christian newsgroups?

To which I responded as follows ...

A few reasons (off the top of my head) ...

1) To provide information and incentive and philosophical
perspectives on points of view in variance with those
of people who have been inculcated & seduced by
religious myths, oft-times since childhood.

2) To interact in a manner by which alternatives to blind
faith may be presented in a way differing from the
deceptions and propaganda of most religious author-

3) To point out the positive aspects of distance from blind

4) To point out the positive aspects of pro-humanism free
of blind faith.

5) To speak to folks who, despite being brainwashed from
childhood in many instances, do have the ability to use
logic, reason, doubt about the supernatural, and disbelief
in many of the supernatural claims.

6) To convey facts which many of religious faith are either
unaware of or have been propagandized into misper-
ceiving thanks both to ancient irrational illogical unrea-
sonable and anti-humanistic religious texts -and- to the
religious points-of-view promoted by persons who've
been seduced (or scared, or both seduced and scared)
into blind faith.

7) To place alternatives to blind faith in a light not often pre-
sented in religious and non-religious forums.

8) To attempt to speak about such matters in a way that
both elucidates and enlightens regarding paths that may
be followed which incorporate morality and pro-humanism
far removed from the anti-humanistic nature inherent in
ancient-based religious faiths, in large measure.

9) To conquer the present-day anti-humanism spouted by
the likes of those who say things such as God punished
the tsunami victims because most of 'em weren't chris-
tians, a heartless and mean-spirited philosophy.

10) To provide hope for believers who just believe due to
social-familial pressure and prefer a way out that both
meets their philosophical needs and provides inspiration
for fulfillment far removed from the anti-humanism of
ancient faiths.

11) To decrease the likelihood of religious marginalization
of those not one with a particular religious point of view.

12) To counter the deceptions and myths towards doubters
& disbelievers which are incessantly touted by many,
not all, religious followers (both in church and in the
media) as part of the religious propaganda endemic
to most ancient religious faiths.

13) To bring up the risks and downsides of blind faith in
religions at moments when said risks and downsides
are clear, threatening, and obviously anti-human.

14) To encourage parental responsibility, and especially
to promote the psychological and social welfare of
children by imploring religious faith-followers to ac-
cept responsibility -and- remove every aspect of anti-
humanism from both their ancient foundational reli-
gious texts and from their religious theology spun via
capricious & arbitrary (& at worst, literalistic) interpre-
tations of said texts.

15) To point out the human nature of religious faith, lever-
aged off of ancient religious texts, and to facilitate
understanding of why evolved apes used 'make be-
lieve' to deal with unknowns and with their emotions
regarding their challenges in dealing with a mysterious
naturalistic realm.


I could continue, and as I said, this list is just off the top
of my head, but hopefully, rather than castigating me as
some demon or evil entity, some boneheaded misfit who
should just keep his views to himself, or elsewhere ... (-: ...

... you'll see that there are plenty of reasons why some-
one might find merit & pro-humanism in speaking to
believers (all of whom have doubts & disbelief, some
more pronounced than others) and the religiously curi-
ous, presenting facts & opinions in variance with the
blind faith propaganda that ...

(paraphrase of the philosophy popularized in American
culture and by most God-leveraged religions) ...

- - -

... From Believers -- "The 'right' religion & God are good,
disbelief & doubt are bad, silence and not talking to be-
lievers about disbelief & doubt are the -only- socially ac-
ceptable options for those who make the most unwise
and hell-risking choice of doubting/disbelieving.

Worst-of-all, actually speaking up in opposition to the an-
cient religious texts and in variance with all of the religious
dogma promoted by the one true (tm) religion** is a sin
approaching the very edge of tolerance. In times past,
disbelievers & doubters were labeled 'heretics'/'infidels',
imprisoned, tortured, & even killed. Keep that in mind as
you go about your sinful ways, you evildoer you."

- - -

** Disclaimer -- note that opinions vary widely, but it is
assumed, by most religious followers, that the one
true (tm) religion is the one they are following.

- - -