Brain-Body ... Destiny ... Who Are We, Really?
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You are your brain, more or less, with all that surrounds
your brain being the support mechanism interacting with,
impacting, and required for your brain to exist.

Place your brain in another container, an alternative body,
taller or shorter, lighter or darker, older or younger, same
or alternate sex, and if your brain could transverse to said
alternate container intact, you would perpetuate in that new
container as a conscious entity with a similar personality /
identical memories as you had prior to the body transfer-
ence. However, you would have a new outlook due to the
body part differentiation which would make for a significant
altering of both your perception and the way that you were
perceived ...

For, aside from the dramatic perceptual differences based
on what a change in sex and body type would result in ...

Many have brains in malfunctioning bodies with weak
hearts, hormonal imbalances, failing livers, faltering kidneys,
eyes blind or weak, pancreases and islets of langerhans
not functioning or functioning insufficiently, cancers on
attack against the body parts or the brain itself, etc ...

So, your brain exists and interacts with a body container
and malfunctioning body containers impart stimuli which
the brain must deal with, just as it must deal with the
reactions of those who judge your brain based on the
container it resides in ...

In essence, your body - your container apart from your brain
is your prison / your home where the you that is really you
resides. All parts apart from your brain are accessories to a
the you that is really you, replaceable parts that are no more
the real you than are tires on a car ... essential parts required
for you to function, essential parts impacting the you that
you have become, but the you that is your consciousness
is far from the sum of its parts, it really resides within the
content of your brain ...

Heart? I'll have a new one, if needed, please. Arms, legs,
liver, kidneys? Yep, let's replace those if we must. Skin
color? Not into white these days, so let's go with a dark
black / light green / deep blue / whatever (spare the tattoos,
please). Voice? Deeper would be nice. Height? Let's go
a good 10 inches taller.

All of those things change not the brain, directly, they merely
change the container the brain resides in as well as altering the
perceptions of those surrounding your brain. To the extent
that body parts apart from the brain (hormones, really big in
that arena) impact the brain, the container does, indeed, play
a large role in that which you are.

So, your brain results from the way others perceive the con-
tainer you reside in as well as the way your body parts inter-
act with your brain.

The only thing that's you and a part that can be identified as
who you really are, is the contents of your brain, a stimuli-
response entity of ongoing reaction to its environment.

And how did your brain get to its current state of being?

Well ... billions of years of evolution and ___ years of stimuli
led to the current state of your brain, and therein resides the
totality of that which is you, as you really are, not as others
perceive you, for others perceive you based on your container
in large part, your container which is an externally judged entity
in which your real self, your brain, resides ...

Just think of all 6 billion human brains lined up, one after the
other ... how different would we all be, in appearance? Not
very - the only differences would be variances in size based
on age / sex / genetics and variances in neuron content based
on stimuli along with genetics.

There you go, the reality of what all 6 billion or so of us are
made up of, as applies to consciousness within our neural
matter ... so what's the fuss all about with religious competition
for immortality and propagations of notions regarding the place
of our brains in the world and of our brains' ultimate destinies?

99 percent of the deal involves the containers for the brains,
the illusion of differentiation resulting from the bodies - skin -
sex - race - height - weight - age - body part functionality of
the participants, with the ideas / personalities of the brains
merely acting out the "container game" which has little to do
with who we, our brains, really are.

First off, there's your sex, a mere outcome of your container
which you originated in ...

And there's your height and voice and hair and skin and language
and accent and species and all the accessories that people judge
you by, but you know what?

None of that is you, really, that's just a reflection of the container
you were born into or the environment you were raised in, the
aspects of being that are required for your brain to exist.

The you that is really you is an outcome of events far removed
from that which you control ...

Your body parts? Not of your choosing.

Your sex? Not of your choosing.

Your parentage? Not of your choosing.

Your time/place of birth? Not of your choosing.

Your species? Not of your choosing.

What you have become? Not of your choosing, for nowhere
along the way were you designated a god and allowed to deter-
mine your fate, you have merely been dealt cards and you have
participated in the adventure of life as an object of fate / destiny,
not of control / self-determination.

Such is the nature of life and such is the illusion that humans have
godlike control over immortal destiny ... such control is not in the
cards, for we can merely play the hand that's dealt us, and hope
for the best, for our brains and our future rest in the hands of a
natural world in which we reside ...

... But, on an optimistic note, a feeling, an emotion resulting from
all that is the essence of that which I am, that does not restrain me
from feeling that ...

... In endeavoring to make for a better world, for as many brains
and brain containers as possible, for as long and as pleasantly as
human endeavor can aspire to, therein resides both my destiny
and the feeling that in trying to make for a better world, the odds
of a better world are greater than they would be were I to pass
silently into the dark ...