Philosophies for Dealing With the Unknown
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unknown is called unknown, &
naturalistic search for verity is held
in high esteem. Pushing the level of
knowledge to higher levels and peel-
ing back the layers of mystery is an
ongoing interest ... God is not used
as a cop-out when it comes to un-

*Seekers, Humanists, Atheists,
Naturalists, Agnostics, Nonreligionists,
Nontheists, Antireligionists, Realists,
Educationalists, Experimentalists,
Freethinkers, Enlightened, Rationalists,

- - -

For the faithful, the unknown of faith
is called Truth, with "Make Believe"
treated as reality, & widely assorted
ways of dealing with naturalism.

Folks of Faith disinterested in natural-
ism see Faith and "magic beings" as
THE answer for everything, with natur-
alism dealt with on an "as needed"
or "magic beings (or God)-involved
somehow" manner.

Folks of Faith interested in non-Faith
answers use Faith & "make believe"
as an explanation for some things and
naturalism as an explanation for others.

Which approach appears to be the
most logical, reasonable, rational,
forward-thinking, & likely to yield
worthwhile explanations for our
natural world, do you think ... and
why do you feel your position is
meritorious as compared to the
position on the opposite side?