Dust In the Wind
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Wednesday, 15 August, 2001, 13:07 GMT 14:07 UK
Life from space dust?


"Nasa's Genesis mission may bring some answers.

Astrophysicists say particles swirling around planets
could have been transformed into the building blocks
of life by the solar wind, then fallen to Earth as dust.

A Polish team says it has shown in the laboratory
that a biological molecule is formed when space dust
is zapped with a high-energy beam of light.

But other scientists are sceptical about claims that
life arrived on this planet from outer space.

Thousands of tonnes of dust from space enter the
Earth's atmosphere each year.

Open question ...

"But did it really happen? If you think that you could
have generated some of these building blocks out in
space, the thing to do is go out in space and have
a look," he said.

Genesis probe

Nasa launched the Genesis mission two weeks ago:
an unmanned mission to collect solar winds and dust.

Its Genesis spacecraft will travel a million miles towards
the Sun, open a lid and expose a series of arrays ready
to pick up solar wind particles.

After three years the lid will close and the craft will return
to Earth with about 20 micrograms of solar wind. ..."

--- end excerpt ---

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Follow-up 1 ... A response to "stillsunny" ... What is it, this thing
we call life, and what is it that makes us think that humans are the
most intelligent life on the planet?

The construct for assignation (life, most intelligent) is a means by
which humankind seeks to dissect and designate and deal with the
world around us.

Being within the whole and knowing so little (or so much - who
can say, really?) relative to an unknown totality of all that is, one
can only, I submit, rationally deal with that which we know by
virtue of being as open-minded to that which we know as we
possibly can be, constraining ourselves within the known and
the falsifiable, disciplining ourselves so that adventures outside
that which we know are *not* treated as realities, but rather as
intellectual adventures into the unknown ...

...*not* by treating the unknown as something manipulatable/re-
sponsive to our own constructs, fears, wants, needs, desires, as
if the unknown was *our* personal possession and reality exists
in a manner that 'wanting it to be so' can make it so.

That methodology is nothing but an attempt to 'be god', fuel


quite apart from

imagination-treated-as-probability ...

hesitates ... ponders ramifications of god-treated-as-reality with
god apart from the known ... returns to sanity, submitting that god
can only be relevant if god becomes part of the known, for to
unknow your way to god is to unknow your way to -- 'make
believe' treated as reality -- he thinks, but then again, what is this
thing called 'think' ... ? ... ...

Last night, I had a dream that I was trying to sell my van to my
grandfather (on my mother's side) who passed away a number
of years ago ... my grandfather wasn't sure if he could afford
the payment and I was pondering the decision and comparing
it to the amount I would receive for the van being totaled (as if
it being totaled was reality which, in the dream, it was not, but
which was an actual event which happened in real life to my car,
not my van) as that would lend a distinct payoff + rather than
a monthly payment to pay it off in time ... my dad was in the
dream ... time did not exist in the dream even though it was in
the dream ... often, my dreams have no 'time' constituent ... it's
as if that dreamworld is some reflection back on a time before
we, as an evolved species, had a concept we now know as
time ...

Oh well, back to reality, as such is life, or such is that we per-
ceive as life and hey, outside our perceptions, what our we ... ? ...

Another tidbit ... always, when you feel yourself getting angry
or depressed or aside from that which you would like to feel,
always, count to -10-, slowly, meditatively, breathing deeply,
mind freed of worries ... one thousand one ... one thousand
two ... one thousand three ... one thousand four ... one thou-
sand five ... one thousand six ... one thousand seven ... one
thousand eight ... one thousand nine ... one thousand ten ...

Just a thought ... I've been trying it recently and it definitely
works for me ...

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Follow-up 2 ... Acting on the "count-to-10 method", a 2nd
response to "stillsunny"

I used it a few times today ... it helps ... had a weird trip into
the world of ex-wife/IRS/$/reality/surreality/what's right-what's
wrong-what matters-what doesn't today, and funny thing, that,
reality juxtaposed against our discussion and 'Dust In the Wind'
and facing that which each of us is, in this life, in this world, and
knowing the limitations of our own selves and, well, of course,
with the ex-wife and the love I feel for her and the despair in the
unrequited nature of that love and ... well ... the tears and all ...
it can be very emotionally on the cusp and ... anyway ... it does
help, the knowing, the understanding, the grasping of that which
is behind the veneer of the manner in which we deal with life,
with one another ...

Always good to hear from you.

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