Top Posts - Philosophy (General)

The following links provide access to my
top posts which have addressed issues that
pertain to general aspects of philosophy ...

47. Waking Life - Philosophy/Thinking in 2001 Video
"Wild/weird/different, with parts and pieces that
offer a lot in the way of philosophy and thinking
about matters/life/consciousness/reality departing
from the predominance of material typically dis-
seminated in the mainstream.. ..."

46. Prayer -- Some Philosophical Reflections
"... based on the laws of logic, prayer and strong
atheist are inconsistent terms unless one is referring
to 'an earnest request or wish', in which case, so
long as the 'earnest request or wish' was not made
to a deity, the original title of the article (Prayer of
a Strong Atheist) could be applied. ..."

45. Thanks/Blame -- The Nature of Our Existence
"Each moment, a succession, a product
of countless previous moments by count-
less beings, processes, and events which
once were, all of which is a part of a con-
tinuum. ..."

44. Ethical behavior (020106)
"A man's ethical behavior should be
based effectually on sympathy, education,
and social ties and needs; no religious
basis is necessary. Man would indeed
be in a poor way if he had to be restrained
by fear of punishment and hope of reward
after death." -Albert Einstein ..."

43. What is your dangerous idea?
by Richard Dawkins (012406)
"... Retribution as a moral principle is incom-
patible with a scientific view of human behav-
iour. As scientists, we believe that human
brains, though they may not work in the same
way as man-made computers, are as surely
governed by the laws of physics. ... "

42. Beliefs, disbeliefs, doubts,
ambivalence -- Ultimate Reality (121505)
"The following is designed to facilitate
exploration of where, exactly, you stand
on matters of ultimate reality, a subject
that most homo sapiens find to be of
supreme importance, however reluctant
many are to openly discuss their views
on such matters. ..."

41. Is open-ness the same as open-
minded? (070905)
"Maintaining an open mind does not re-
quire that one be so open that his or her
brain falls out (paraphrase of a famous
quote).'Extraordinary claims require
extraordinary evidence.' (Carl Sagan)
When contemplating open minds, ask
yourself how many religionists are
allowed (by their faith) to have open
minds? ..."

40. The Meaning of Life? (Monty Python's
version) (022405)
... So remember, when you're feeling very
small and insecure, How amazingly unlikely
is your birth ... Every sperm is sacred, every
sperm is good. Every sperm is needed, in
your neighborhood. ..."

39. Immortality promises/threats (021805)
Nature, not gods? ... Reason over fear? ...
Death, happiness, thought, love? ... Church
and state forever separate? ... It takes religion
to get good people to do evil things? ... Theo-
logical 'game' of make-believe? ..."

38. A few potent quotes distanced from
religious faith (020405)
Nature, not gods? ... Reason over fear? ...
Death, happiness, thought, love? ... Church
and state forever separate? ... It takes religion
to get good people to do evil things? ... Theo-
logical 'game' of make-believe? ..."

37. A few potent quotes from American
Films (011805)
To Kill a Mockingbird ... A League of Their Own ...
Harvey ... Love and Death ... Unforgiven ... A Few
Good Men ... Dead Poets Society ... Blade Runner
... Braveheart ... Network ... Gandhi ... Mr. Smith
Goes to Washington ... Casablanca ..."

36. Religious faith = 'truth' and is a 'good
thing'? (122604)
"... Many treat a particular religious faith as 'truth'.
For those who treat a particular religious faith as
truth, there exists an inherent struggle with the
'Reality-Spin'. ... Religious faith, promoted as a
'good thing' in America, and one wonders ... when
religious faith (in God) is promoted as a 'good
thing' ..."

35. The totality of naturalism (all that is / all
that ever was / all that ever will be) (081203)
"... Isn't it wiser to reach from the known (the
natural) to the unknown (as a natural but as of
yet, incompletely understood area) -than it is-
to fantasize about the unknown (via ancient myths
of supernatural entities / places) in an effort to
pretend the unknown (the supernatural) interacts
with the known (the natural) ?"

34. Imagination - Religion - God : Hard-wired? (062603)
"Human brains encompass an amazing ability to
imagine things. That ability has led in no small
measure to exploration, adventure, discovery,
and scientific advances, when grounded in that
which is the nature of reality. When children
are taught that the supernatural *is* reality, that
ancient superbeings / superentities / gods / devils /
angels / holy spirits / immortality *are* reality,
and the society / culture the children are raised
within also treats such things *as if* they are
reality, it's difficult for most to let go of that. ..."

33. Free Will Guide (062003)
"... Links to posts on memes, free will,
determinism, randomness, and the nature
of brain activity ..."

32. Free Will vs. Determinism (051003)
"Fascinating topic, free will, illusion or reality
or somewhere in between. ..."

31. Who Wants to Live Forever? (050903)
"Links to some non-religious views regarding
immortality / living forever issues ..."

30. Free Will and Randomness (050603)
"If you perceive one's brain activity as both
a result of naturalistic factors -and- naturalistic
** randomness ** (i.e., competition between
neurons / synapses), therein resides the totality
of being naturalistically explained, apart from
absolute determinism, and apart from so-called
absolute "free will". ..."

29. Time / Brain / Behavior (043003)|
"The quantification of human behavior remains
beyond the capabilities of modern day science.
... it is theoretically plausible to conjecture that
all behavior, from human to the simplest crea-
tures, are results of stimuli and the physical laws
of nature in reaction to that stimuli. ..."

28. The Onion Researches the God Question:
Is There a God? (101102)
"Responses in a recent article from the Onion,
with the following excerpts reflecting quite
a bit of dissonance from traditional God con-
cepts ..."

27. Free Will (101002)
"... What is a choice? A result, no more, no less,
an outcome of neuronal competition and natural-
istic events constrained by the physics of the
space-time continuum in which we find ourselves,
biology, and (from a larger perspective) the nature
of all that ever has been that happened to lead
to the particular space-time continuum in which
we exist. ..."

26. God quotes from Godfellas (Futurama)
"... Being a disbeliever in traditional faiths (a
disbeliever in all religious faiths, actually), I
identified with its irreverence towards tradi-
tional faith. However, there is a subtle apol-
ogetics towards traditional faith embedded
in the following. Perhaps, depending on one's
particular views, there are different messages
(both supportive and distanced from support)
regarding religious faith in the following ..."

25. Brain-Body ... Destiny ... Who Are We,
Really? (061502)
"You are your brain, more or less, with all that
surrounds your brain being the support mechanism
interacting with, impacting, and required for your
brain to exist. ..."

24. Naturalistic Immortality Postulate
"... compare religious promises of immortality
to the following postulate of hope for naturalists /
non-religionists who are curious about the way
in which a naturalistic pleasant continuance might
be a workable concept for all humankind. ..."

23. Programming / Reason / Emotion (050102)
"The programming tasks done by persons
employed in the computer programming
profession are done based on reason, with
emotion subservient, rather than emotion,
with reason subservient. Emotions have
underlying reasons, physical in nature, not
existing apart from the mind-body, but instead,
a consequence of genes + stimuli + random
brain activity. ..."

22. When Does Life Begin? (082501)
"Two replies, 1) philosophical and 2) in the
manner the question is normally addressed. ..."

21. Dust In the Wind (081701)
"Being within the whole and knowing so little
(or so much - who can say, really?) relative to
an unknown totality of all that is, one can only,
I submit, rationally deal with that which we
know by virtue of being as open-minded to
that which we know as we possibly can be,
constraining ourselves within the known and
the falsifiable, disciplining ourselves so that
adventures outside that which we know are
*not* treated as realities, but rather as intel-
lectual adventures into the unknown ..."

20. arealists? (072301)
"IF the default state of being is realism ...
Would not all departing from that state of
being be accurately known as arealists? ..."

19. The Buddha (050401)
"Why would a disbeliever in gods and
religions find a religious figure such
as the Buddha to be of interest? Well,
many of the Buddha's tenets are similar
to mine (a small number are not), and
curiously, many of the Buddha's tenets
are similar to the pro-human aspects of
the Jesus Christ of gospel fame. ..."

18. Philosophies for Dealing With the
Unknown (050201)
"For SHANANNAREEFERs*, the un-
known is called unknown, & naturalistic
search for verity is held in high esteem.
... For the faithful, the unknown of faith
is called Truth, with 'Make Believe'
treated as reality, & widely assorted
ways of dealing with naturalism. ..."

17. Wisdom for the Wary, Witty, and Wise
"... And what if we picked the wrong religion?
Every week, we're just making God madder
and madder!" -Homer, 'Homer the Heretic'..."

16. The Inevitable and Eternal Now (032701)
"... we reduce an unfathomably vast array
of stimuli to an illusion of "choice" regarding
the past/present/future, which is really nothing
more than an inevitable result of all that has
taken place in the eternal now. ..."

15. Nothing (022801)
"... If you call the unknown, the mysterious,
the nothing, god, you have merely reduced
the unfathomable to a meaningless word
which can only be grasped by placing it
in a box and setting limits for it based on
human imagination/desires/fears/needs. ..."

14. Universal Declaration of Human Rights
"Adopted and proclaimed by the United
Nations General Assembly on December
10, 1948: ... Whereas recognition of the
inherent dignity and of the equal and
inalienable rights of all members of the
human family is the foundation of freedom,
justice and peace in the world ..."

13. Words of Wisdom - Disbelief, Death,
Slavery (011701)
" 'Although the time of death is approaching
me, I am not afraid of dying and going to Hell
or (what would be considerably worse) going
to the popularized version of Heaven. I expect
death to be nothingness and, for removing me
from all possible fears of death, I am thankful
to atheism.' -Isaac Asimov ..."

12. Define Freedom (123100)
"Quotes: 'Freedom is the distance between
church and state.' ..."

11. Why Am I Not You? (081200)
"and why are you not me? If you were me,
would you be me or would you be you? If
I were you, would I be you or would I be
me? ...

10. Let's Say, *YOU* Are Put
In Charge ... (080600)
"... of the entire universe (a mental exercise
here - enjoy the journey - no religious
references so not to worry if that type of
thing troubles you). What would you do? ..."

9. Basic Truths / Agreement (080500)
"1) We don't *know* where we came from.
Religionists admit their views are based on
faith. Religionists want to believe in some-
thing, a supposed substantial something,
that simplifies and validates it for them, but
in essence, religionists and non-religionists
agree, we don't *know* where we came
from. ...'

8. Claims Do Not a Truth Make (073000)
"Anyone interested in what's true out there?
If so, listen in and ponder the following: If
someone states that Suzanne Marishnuh
is the living daughter of the almighty creator
of the universe and she ascended into
Marishnuhternity, being one with the
creator circa 1907 ..."

7. A break from the serious (072900)
"Top 10 Letterman Top 10 Lists - 1999 ..."

6. The Thrill of the Real (072900)
"Any imaginary being who furnishes us with
this reality in which we all exist, that imaginary
being cannot (morally, universally, cosmically,
on any level/plain/realm of anything remotely
resembling that which we, sentient creatures
on planet earth, can deal with it or relate to)
hold our reality against us. Our reality is
thus ... "

5. The Incredible 'Lie'ness of Being (072800)
"Ever notice how much of the world is full
of the Incredible 'Lie'ness of Being? Ever
wonder how much of the 'Lie'ness is subject
to interpretation, how much is unadulterated
falsification, how much is 'Lie'ness for the
so-called greater good, how much 'Lie'ness
is for convenience, how much 'Lie'ness is
for selfish gain, how much 'Lie'ness is solely
for the manipulation of humans, and how
much 'Lie'ness has at its core pure cold-
hearted anti-human hate? ..."

4. Betrayal of Humanity? (072500)
"Quote from 'A Tale of a Tub', by Bergen
Evans (1946) ... belief is the antithesis to
thinking. A refusal to come to an unjustified
conclusion is an element of an honest man's
religion. To him the call to blind faith is really
a call to barbarism and slavery. In being asked
to believe without evidence, he is being asked
to abdicate his integrity. Freedom of speech
and freedom of action are meaningless without
freedom to think. And there is no freedom of
thought without doubt. ..."

3. Good News For Humanists (072200)
"1) There is no god, so you don't have to
worry about any of your nonbeliever friends
suffering eternal torment based on biblical
threats. 2) There is no god, so you don't
have to worry about any of your nonbeliever
friends being exterminated and separated
from you based on biblical threats. ..."

2. Life and what's up after ... (070100)
"... Enjoying life? Sex. Food. Drink. Good
company. Reading a good book. Staring at
a sunset or sunrise. Skiing. Hiking. Biking.
Writing. Discussing life. Having children.
Shooting for that special something that
makes life worthwhile. Just a few ideas on
how to enjoy life but the list is really quite
long, when you think about it for awhile. ..."

1. Anti-Pascal's Wager (062700)
"... Most human beings are destined for a
pleasurable eternal continued existence of
unimaginable joy based on the laws of science
and nature. The destiny for most humans is
an alternate dimension based on physics and
the laws that are ever-present in the multiverse. ..."