Naturalistic Immortality Postulate
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Religions typically make the statement that they should be
given a lot of slack because, after all, they are promising
immortality, so even if it's not true, isn't religion worthy
by that very promise of hope? Well, without commenting
on the merit or lack thereof in offering false promises,
pare religious promises of immortality to the following
postulate of hope for naturalists / non-religionists who are
curious about the way in which a naturalistic pleasant con-
tinuance might be a workable concept for all humankind.

Postulate of "naturalism / pleasant continuance" follows:

Long ago, an intelligent species of Zenaxiotaques 412.839,
an aggregation of solar systems united for the betterment of
sensory input of a positive nature, within a universe in a dimen-
sion connected to our own, managed to transverse the cosmic
void separating the universes / dimensions and within the sub-
quantum world (didn't know there was a sub-quantum world,
did yuh?), implanted sensors to co-locate all sensory input in
our universe with registries within their domain.

Hence, they created a vast web of sensor-gathering storage
capacity, giving them access to all sensory input in our uni-
verse. Difficult to fathom, but being that the universe / dimen-
sion from which the beings at issue sprang is 839,392.583
(to the 437.42nd power) times larger than our own, their
storage capacity far surpasses that which is fathomable by
any human.

Via this sensory storage capacity, the beings at issue have
constructed an immortality grid, the ability to transfer in a
sensory-sensitive manner all sensory input from our parti-
cular universe to an alternate dimension, a dimension in
which the sensory input is permanently stored / replicated
to the degree of redundancy required, making it impossible
to be lost (multi-dimensional factors are also at play, here,
but I won't get into them as it's far beyond our ability to
grasp in any cogent way).

Due to the nature of the beings at issue, all sensory input
identified with the positive aspect of being is given an ele-
vating factor / focus of 423,832,427,983,224,531.184,
while at the same time all sensory input identified with the
negative aspect of being is given a de-focus emphasis of
something close to 363,824,135,421,319,125.038 ...

In essence, once again, 'tis the nature of the beings at issue
that results in the following, the beings at issue, for the plea-
sure and joy it brings them, have decided to 'play' the stor-
age grid into a universe / dimension of their own construct,
getting a major league rush from the positive sensations flow-
ing from the replay of the grid.

In human terms, the aforementioned scenario might be thought
of as heaven or immortality ... in terms of the beings at issue,
it's just part of having fun and acting on their nature of benevo-
lence, extending sensory input of a positive kind in a manner
mating to what we, with our limited capabilities, would think
of as all-but unbounded pleasure and immortality.

- - -

Now, think about this - the above postulate is far beyond
the ability of the ancients to construct, does not require
worship, belief, faith, threats, horrible places, oblivion, or
any behavior whatsoever on the part of humans. The above
postulate leaves it totally up to the forces of naturalism as
to what takes place in our particular universe while at the
same time offering an indescribably wonderful immortality
for those that pass from this plain of existence. ...

Nothing but pleasantness (and a modest amount of down
side just to balance the pleasantness in a manner allowing
for choice that harms not) in an immortal future in a manner
that all sensory input will benefit from, this life being a strug-
gle but man-oh-man, wait 'til you see the next life that has
been constructed by the benevolent beings so far advanced
that we cannot even begin to understand or comprehend
their capabilities.

Why, one might ask, why oh why don't they interfere and
make *this* life better for us? ... Well, through experience
they have found that the only risk-free way they can interact
with other universes / dimensions is via their cosmic quantum
receptacle, transferring all sensory input in a manner that
allows a far-advanced sensory continuum in which the beings
can survive / thrive / attain pleasure beyond our understanding.

When they have tried to interfere with the source of the sen-
sory input, they have discovered that the inter-universe / inter-
dimensional sub-quantum physics have inverted the matter-energy
flux, thereby wiping out the universe / dimension for which change
was attempted, in a massive vacuum suck into oblivion.

Many of the source beings were forever lost when such attempts
at source interference were made. Thereafter, this recording of
the source / transfer to immortal bliss methodology was devel-
oped, enabling all contacted universes to transfer to the dimen-
sion described.

I hope this message brings you joy and comfort. Due to the
nature of the quantum flux, the non-interference prohibition
by the laws of inter-universal physics, I cannot prove the above.

But, be at peace with that which is, believe in the above, and
rest assured that death is not the end, and a future of immortal
bliss awaits you, a far better world in which benevolent beings
have constructed a wonderland in which the positive aspects
of being are ... well ... just imagine your most wonderful mo-
ments and magnify them by a factor of (see above) ...

- - -

One might ask, how did I arrive at the above, if there is no
interference allowed ... well, one of the beings, a rebel, decided
to try a modest effort to contact one being in each of the
463,719,326 qualifiable solar systems in our universe which
have sentient life capable of dealing with said contact, staying
far within the limits of non-interference yet broaching the no-
contact policy in order to give a glimpse of what the future
holds for the beings facing the trials and tribulations of a lonely
existence in a universe / dimension of mysteries and unknowns ...

... the information flowed into me coincident with the writing of
this post, as this rebel being, knowing all sensory input in our
particular universe, was primed and ready to make said delivery
when it saw the sensory input mate to a probability of success-
ful transcendence of the divide ...

- - - end of alternative pleasant continuance story - - -

Now, in all honesty, I whipped up the story above on the spur
of the moment, but every last bit of the story could fall under
the same categories that religions often offer - "you can't prove
there is no ____", the only difference being that my story offers
pure pleasure, makes no demands, makes no threats, respects
naturalism, and offers (I submit) a greater degree of comfort /
peace to those who wish to believe in a pleasant continuance
than do the simple-minded myths of the ancient religions ...

... If I were prone to religion, I would say "believe it if you wish,
feel free to disbelieve, but know that in believing, the hope that
you seek is there for you and in your hope, you may find _____
(insert all the positive spins from religions, free of the burdens,
free of the threats, free of the demands, free of the inter-religious
conflicts [well, free until other religions get wind of this and start
threatening folks who believe it-yikes, let's hope that doesn't hap-
pen!], totally at one with naturalism) ..."


Peace be with you.