Thanks/Blame -- The Nature of Our Existence
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As for what is 'thank'able or 'blame'able
in actuality, the totality of each individual

  o the present results of evolution, a fas-
     cinating consequence of the past, the
     processes of change, the ramifica-
     tions of a non-constant environment,
     and naturalistic forces at work within
     the vast expanse of all that we are but
     a tiny part of,

  o genetic constructs, principle players
     there being our parents and all ancestors
     prior thereto,

  o the environment each individual exists
     within and has existed within, very little
     of which each individual has much of
     any control over, most often, for the
     most part, although humans typically
     perceive much more control than that
     which is present, and

  o every iota of stimuli provided to each
     individual, including books, magazines,
     newspapers, websites, other individuals,
     newsgroup posts, life experiences,
     chemicals, air, water, food, dreams,
     subconscious brain activity, and other
     natural forces/experiences, oft-times
     including all sorts of magic being stories
     & claims & threats -- many of which are
     presented, all-too-often, as 'realities',
     others presented as 'fairy tales', 'myths',
     & 'fictions'.

- - -

Each moment, a succession, a product
of countless previous moments by count-
less beings, processes, and events which
once were, all of which is a part of a con-

Each of us impacts others, oft-times much
more than each of us realizes. Each of us
is impacted by others.

Each of us results from all mentioned above,
in the constant now, for as long as we exist
as distinct and identifiable parts of the all,
whether in life, or in memories after our pass-
ing. Then again, of course, typically, as time
passes, memories fade, and most people
& events are most often forgotten.

Unfortunately, when ultimate considerations
are pondered, myths become mountains
sometimes harmful to human progress &
welfare, and verity gets lost in the vast
expanse of all that ever was, all that is,
all that ever will be ...

- - -