Time / Brain / Behavior
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The quantification of human behavior remains beyond
the capabilities of modern day science. In some forms,
research into brain activity is advancing our understanding,
through techniques such as comparisons of MRI scans
between criminals and non-criminals or between people
with a particular malady and people free of that malady.

However, the actual understanding of how the interaction
between all of the areas of the brain, the chemistry, the
electro-mechanical, the hormonal, occurs remains largely
mysterious and beyond human grasp.

Now, strictly speaking, as a pure naturalist, it is theoretically
plausible to conjecture that all behavior, from human to the
simplest creatures, are results of stimuli and the physical
laws of nature in reaction to that stimuli.

For example, if an object approaches either of your eyes
at rapid speed, your eyelids will, apart from conscious
thought, shut rapidly before you even know the object was
near either of your eyes. Simply put, a stimuli-response
interaction outside of conscious thought.

Another example, how many times did you beat your heart
in the last minute? Some might answer none, it was auto-
nomic. Others might try to take responsibility for their heart
beats and assign a number. In both cases, it was autonomic
(unless you were consciously attempting to control your
heartbeat, and even though you would be restricted in the
impact your conscious thought might have had on that).

When you think, what is happening physically, in your body
and brain? When you "choose", what is happening physic-
ally, in your body and brain? Compare to an advanced com-
puter program designed to respond to inputs / stimuli -- given
a set of parameters (inputs / stimuli), a computer can be easily
programmed to respond in a set way. Within the malleable
software of the brain, what is it that is apart from that which is
similar to a computer program, the naturalistic programming
contained solely within the brain itself?

The brain is a complex chemical electro-mechanical aggre-
gation of wetware, a totality of all that preceded the moment
in time it is analyzed, and responds absolutely in congress
with all that has transpired in its development. Put another
way, every thought, every action, every deed, every feeling,
every "choice", all of it, a response to that which the wetware
of the brain (and the body) has been exposed to and all of
the naturalistic events contributing to both their origin and

Digressing back to the quantification mentioned in the initial
paragraph, being that quantification of all that takes place as
regards brain activity is apart from human capability at the
current time, and being that the complex processing of the
wetware of the human brain is far beyond the perceptual
capabilities of the relatively slow timeclock humans are
restricted to using, what do many humans substitute for the
understanding of the naturalistic explanation for human be-

Well, you've got the illusion of "free will", you've got the
determination to deny the impact of genetic / memetic
influences, you've got the denial of the naturalistic wet-
ware mechanics which determine every aspect of that
which is commonly referred to as choice, you've got the
denial of impact of persons apart from individual wetware
on the actions and so-called "choices" of individual wet-
ware. In summary, what you have is reductionism / over-
simplification of the dynamic processes entailed in every
moment of conscious and unconscious brain and body

However, if it were possible to alter the timeclock of human
perception and to analytically examine every aspect of the
behavior and interaction of the human brain, I submit that
the mechanistic naturalistic processes revealed would con-
vey the totality of that which is the stimuli-response nature
of existence.

In other words, if every neuron, every synapse, every input
(stimuli) were diagrammed and quantified ... what you would
be left with is a totally mechanistic explanation of every as-
pect of that which is the experience of humanity.

This entire post could be and would, in fact, be explainable
in a quantified naturalistic diagram of input-output. In es-
sence, what one would be cognizant of would be the totality
of the naturalistic mechanism of existence ...

Oh well, we're not capable of such an examination, yet, in
actuality, but certainly, philosophically and with the common
human experience of time reductionism, contemplation of
all the mechanistic nature of the human brain and of the
attachments (such as my fingers) to that brain, certainly it
is comprehensible to regard the human experience as being
a ___________ (insert emotional attribution here) conse-
quence of all that has transpired up to a particular moment
of existence ...

- - -

Amazingly, upon reading this post, based on the aggregation
of that which is the individual construct of each human brain
exposed to said post, a vast array of events will occur within
each brain, said events being of a nature that is not quantified /
examined / understood on other than a broad theoretical basis,
and all brain activity resulting from the totality of the construct
of each brain exposed to this post. And what is the result of all
of that? Naturalistic outcomes, consequences of the totality of
being for each brain so exposed, an array of activities which
could be quantified and parsed if humans had the capabilities
to do so. ...

All of this, every last ounce of it, stimuli-response / naturalism,
and that, my friends, is the explanation which mates perfectly
to comprehending the nature of existence, on a "big picture"
basis, with all of the details to be worked out within the con-
text of the experience of beings blessed / cursed with the
capability to examine such matters ...

And as for the explanation of all that is / all that has been / all
that will be ... that remains mysterious and explorable, with the
actual facts regarding such matters yet to be determined, and
unfulfilled by fantasy / superstition / assertions of absolute
"Truth (tm)" as espoused by those of an ancient mythical and
religious motif ...