When Does Life Begin?
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Two replies, 1) philosophical and 2) in the manner the
question is normally addressed ...

Reply 1) Philosophical approach, from the perspective
of your life and looking outward from within your per-
ceptions of life ...

Your life begins, for you, each moment you're conscious
and continues, for you, as long as your consciousness
comes to you, as the passing of your consciousness
into obliviousness to awareness (a common aspect of
a significant part of your sleep patterns or brain traumas
such as being knocked unconscious or passing from
consciousness during a low blood glucose episode) is ...

As the passing of your life into oblivion, from your
perspective (those "nows" are, for you, non-existent
in those moments, no different from "non-life" from
the standpoint of your perceptions) ...

With every conscious beginning ...

All you can experience is in the now, and since now is
forever, each now is your immortality that you carry with
you as if you were the definition of life itself ... a con-
stancy of beginnings ...

You can never *know* oblivion, you can only look back
on obliviousness to awareness (see sleep, above), so, in
essence, you'll never *know* you're "not alive". That
task is only for the living.

I recall my *first* beginning, what was the beginning of
my life, from *my* perspective, as follows ...

Theory of Matter and Time (063000)
"At some point in time, I began to recognize
myself as a viable entity. At no point in time
will I know oblivion. Knowledge of oblivion
is impossible. When was that? That point in
time when I began to recognize myself as a
viable entity? ..."

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Reply 2) To the key point of the question, when does
a lifeform merit protection and human rights? Certainly
it's far before you recognize that you're alive, as for
most folks that consciousness, that startling transition
from pre-consciousness to the first passing from a
dreamlike experience into a recognition of self, that
moment occurs months after live birth ...

... Some claim consciousness pre-birth, and I'm not
well-informed on those claims and their merits or lack-
of-same, as scientific observations demonstrate a baby
doesn't recognize its image in a mirror 'til months after
birth, a point of self-awareness generally associated
with consciousness ...

As for how the so-called beginning of life is assessed
from a strict "worthy of protection and human rights"
superceding the rights of the parents involved, as com-
mented on by the Supreme Court, catholics, science,
and yours truly ...

Beginning of Human Life (040501)
"Complex, emotional, and controversial
issues to deal with here. Human embryos
and fetuses are totally dependent on another
human being, the mother, for their welfare ..."

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