s Top 10 Post-Crash Pictures
(Top Posts - Social/Legal - 080601, pictures taken a few days after
a crash which occurred Saturday, July 28, 2001, ~5:00 PM CT)

1. Skid off of 610 N. Loop through feeder road into fire hydrant (notice slight lean of fire hydrant probably due to contact with the Mustang - it fared much better than did the Mustang; car ended up beyond the fire hydrant on the other side of the driveway; per reports it rolled over 3 to 6 times


2. View from landing locale of car - note we landed in front of a health care center and the hospital Angela was treated at is the blue building in the background (Memorial Hermann Northwest Hospital)

3. Mustang (after being stowed in storage lot) - right side


4. Mustang close-up on right rear (note the tire and other items in the car were merely placed there in storage; also note the least damaged area, the safest area, was the right rear seat in which Angela was sitting)


5. Mustang rear view - note the front window frame severely bent down on the driver's side, and the all-but perfect condition of the rollbar


6. Mustang rear view - close-up on driver's side


7. Mustang left rear


8. Mustang left - close-up on driver's side


9. Mustang front view - close-up on driver's side


10. Angela, fully recovered a few days after the accident, and her kitty, Precious