Faith in Pro-Humanism
(July 3, 2001)

For Those Who Must Have Faith In ...

something ...

For those who 'just gotta believe' in ...

something/anything that might offer a sense of wholeness
and completeness ...

Wouldn't it be of inestimable value if humankind had
a choice that was of more pro-humanity, substance,
verity, logic, naturalism, and rationality than the
mystical/supernatural choices currently available?

- - -

Faith, as defined as "something believed with strong
conviction" need not be confined to the mystical/super-
natural, as "something believed with strong conviction"
can be constructed based on what we know, what we
think, and what is possible in a natural world, as follows ...

After all, if humans choose to live a life of faith, why not
choose a faith that is sane and reasonable and as veritable
and pro-human as possible?

- - -

If it's faith that is supreme and faith in ...

Something veritable/possible in a natural world ...

That you deem to be your choice as to how to live out your
one and only sure chance on this earth, at this time, in this
life, then ...

I offer the following faith for your consideration. Note that
anyone can share these concepts, based on logic and reason,
but also note that the following is offered as a faith, for those
who value faith as an absolute way of life.

- - -

I've been living based on FREELOVER principles, and
combining those principles with this faith, I suppose you
might now consider me a man of principles -and- faith
apart from the mystical/supernatural/traditional.

Feel free to compare this faith with traditional faiths and in so
doing, if you must be 'of faith', choose the faith that mates to
the essence of that which is the best within you:

- - -

*** Pro-Humanism ***

The faith of "Pro-Humanism", followers of which are
"Pro-Humanists", tenets of which are ...

o Faith in the human ability to draw on and promote the best
within each of us, responsibly addressing human needs

o Faith in exploring and researching our world of wonder, based
on the scientific method, using the result of said exploration and
research -only for- pro-human endeavors and endeavors which
impact humankind in a non-deleterious manner

o Faith in responsibly helping and sharing and caring about our
fellow humans

o Faith in the ability of humankind to face all dangers, conquer
all evils, nurture all goodness, and promote the providing of all
basic needs for all of humankind, on this earth, at this time, in
this life

o Faith in that which is the natural fate of humankind, knowing
that it's up to human beings to do our best to make life last as
long as is pleasantly and pleasurably possible (forever, if that
is within our ability or if that is within the nature of all that is
and all that can be)

o Faith in ultimate natural destiny, and in that destiny, knowing
that your reason for being is fulfilled, and you're one with that
which you were meant to be

o Faith in hope for the best and brightest ultimate destiny that
each human desires, in a pro-human manner, non-threatening
to anyone

o Faith in intelligent knowledge of the facts regarding history,
religion, non-religion, traditional mystical/supernatural faith,
Pro-Humanism, and non-faith being provided to children so
that they may intelligently make their own choices as they
mature, based on informed consent, not based on single-
mindset indoctrination into the faiths/non-faiths/beliefs/dis-
beliefs of parents/peers/guardians/churches/state or other
social/cultural influences surrounding our children

o Faith in the human ability to responsibly promote pleasure
and well-being free of guilt

o Faith in the inherent goodness of humankind, which if nurtured
and encouraged can bring forth the best that humankind can be,
but understanding that the dark side of human nature lurks within
each of us and we must constantly be diligent in controlling and
subduing that aspect of our being

o Faith in selfless but cautious love, knowing that to love is worthy,
but that love is risky, and love most precious demands not/expects
not/harms not

o Faith in a reservoir of inner human strength that can sustain and
uplift in times of darkness

o Faith that logic and reason, combined with *egalitarian* free-
dom, liberty, verity, joy, happiness, peace, fulfillment, pleasure,
prosperity, and knowledge, will one day be the guiding lights
inspiring pro-human achievements never before thought possible

o Faith in the human ability to provide medicines and plants that
can cure and ameliorate human disease and suffering

o Faith in the human ability to develop technologies that will
some day allow differences to be settled in non-aggressive
and non-injurious ways

o Faith that human behavior is explainable by the "Circle of All
That Is" and that humility and consideration of all causality is
well-advised when judging others and when judging ourselves:

o Faith that the most promising and pro-human way to deal with
the unknown resides in pro-human exploration unhindered by the
mystical/supernatural/traditional faiths:

o Faith in a better day, a better world, a better tomorrow, such
that only by working to make it so, so will it be

o Faith that only by sharing Pro-Humanism with others can
oneself and others be enabled, empowered, and emboldened
for the betterment of humankind

o Faith that all of traditional faith, distance from traditional faith,
and non-faith can love one another and work together for a better
world, despite differences on dealing with the unknown, casting
aside all which has burdened humankind 'til now, uniting for that
which strengthens us and enriches us in a common bond of all
humans for all humans

- - -