Monday, September 3, 2001
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Wednesday, September 5, 2001

Malaria to be Wiped Out by Genetic Modification of Mosquitoes

If plans go ahead, malaria may be wiped out within 2 to 25 years, by releasing genetically modified mosquitoes into the wild to, in effect, genetically modify an entire species. Two methods may be used:

  1. Attachment of the modified gene to a bacterium called wolbachia, which infects mosquitoes and results in more offspring with the modified gene than without it.

  2. Attachment of the modified gene to a transposable element of DNA, likewise resulting in more offspring with the modified gene than without it.


  • Hindustan Times [link inactive]

Infectious diseases currently kill about 17 million people every year - number one
factor on each continent:

  • Europe - Tuberculosis
  • North America - AIDS
  • Central America - Malaria
  • South America - Malaria
  • Africa - Malaria
  • Middle East - Malaria
  • Southeast Asia - Malaria
  • North Asia and Japan - Tuberculosis
  • South Pacific - Malaria


Major Pain Killer, per British Clinical Trial? Cannabis

Most of 23 patients suffering from chronic pain experienced pain relief in a test of Cannabis as medicine. The Cannabis was taken via a spray under the tongue. Some patients reported the Cannabis, while not reducing the pain, did allow them to sleep at night. 2 reported no effect and 2 others had side effects which caused them to exit the test..

This particular study is testing the effect of Cannabis on those with multiple sclerosis and spinal injuries. Cannabis may also be effective in pain relief for cancer, nerve damage, and rheumatoid arthritis.


The Humanoids Are Coming

Illusion of human life, emotions, social skills, artificial intelligence, it's all being worked on for the robots of the future, human-like creations that resemble their creators.

By 2050, such tasks as taking care of the elderly, reading / watching / comprehending the world around them, and even engaging in sporting events may be part of everyday humanoid activities.


Significant Advance Towards Artificial Liver & Pancreas

Individuals with liver and pancreatic disorders may some day be treated and even cured, thanks to a new method of storing living cells in a device capable of being attached to the body to do the job of damaged tissue.

Bio-artificial organs could help millions of persons suffering from liver disorders. A similar device implanted into the body could help people with pancreatic conditions, such as diabetes and perhaps replace daily insulin injections.

Dr Helen Grant has developed a method of freezing liver cells at -70C in single layers attached to a membrane, providing a ready source of tissue for artificial organs. This is a significant advance in the ability to use bio-artificial organs in place of damaged tissue.


Faith Fear

Many of the faithful actually fear what the bible says, because they believe magic super beings are real.

Many disbelievers fear the impact of those beliefs, by real humans in the real world, based on personal experiences and the evidence of history, while at the same time, of course, having no fear of the bible as being "The Truth" (except, for many, as a residual leftover from childhood brainwashing most were subjected to).

"Believe or else" propaganda from the bible / churches and their followers, pounded into the developing minds of the young, permeates American culture, on many social / cultural levels apart from belief / disbelief in the magic super beings.

Examples of some of that impact, present throughout secular aspects of our society / culture:

  1. Blind following of and submission to authoritarianism

  2. Brainless group conformity

  3. Pervasive pretentiousness

  4. Anti-sex / anti-fun / pro-guilt / pro-authoritarianism attitudes, many of a hypocritical "do as I say - not as I do" nature, for public consumption (see 1, 2, 3, above)

  5. Discouragement of freethought

  6. Promotion of personally attacking or ostracizing people who have views that are opposed to the status quo of society as a whole, or of a segment of society in which de facto attitudes / behavior are expected or demanded (see 1 to 5, above)