Sunday, September 9, 2001
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Tuesday, September 11, 2001
Eyewitness Testimony Often Flawed

In 20 percent of eyewitness identifications of the culprit, as chosen via a selection amongst innocents, an individual known to be an innocent is selected by the eyewitness as the culprit.

Incorrect eyewitness testimony turns out to be the number one cause of wrongful conviction. Most of the high-profile convictions that were overturned due to DNA tests in recent years were a result of inaccurate eyewitness testimony.

Why is there so much inaccurate eyewitness testimony? Individuals tend to "fill the gaps" in memory with any information they have at their disposal, whether it be claims by others or memories of innocent bystanders at a criminal event.

False memories can be planted from scratch. If adults are provided a selection of childhood memories, 3 true and 1 false, many adults develop a strong impression that all of the experiences were real.

Put another way, "assisted" memories are increasingly unreliable, relative to the amount of "influences" directed to elicit the memories.


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Middle East Violence

Five Israelis and three Palestinians died in the latest round of Middle East violence.

In Naharia, Israel, three Israelis and a Palestinian suicide bomber were killed due to the suicide bomber blowing himself up at a train station. At least ten were injured.

In Netanya, Israel, another suicide bomber killed himself and injured three people.

In the west bank, two Israelis (a bus driver and a teacher) were killed and three were injured in a drive-by shooting. The islamic jihad claimed responsibility for the attack.

In the Gaza strip, a Palestinian was killed and another was injured by Israeli soldiers.


Muslim-Christian Death Toll in Nigeria

More than 160 have died in the recent Muslim-Christian violence in Nigeria.

The violence was supposedly sparked by an argument outside of a mosque as well as the recent selection of a muslim to lead a state poverty reduction program.



A Jungle of Human Monkeys

Many companies have periods of losing money that are part of their long-term growth plans or part of the normal business cycle of ups and downs. They forecast quarter-to-quarter, set expectations, and manage those expectations.

Many companies have management structures that are less than optimized for mutually constructive maximization of employee contribution and input into the business cycle.

Many companies tend to treat employees as disposable costs rather than integral parts of the business, leading said companies to an anti-human construct of treating employees as blips on a balance sheet rather than as human beings with hearts and goals that can be best served by being directly involved with the ongoing decisions that enable people to feel they are an integral part of the business rather than part of the trash that can be thrown out by management edict without so much as an inkling of humanity in the process.

Many companies overhire people to satisfy an investment scheme with little regard to work / human factors / care or concern for human self-actualization / needs of humans to feel they are an integral part of something bigger than themselves.

That aspect of corporate mismanagement is called the 'disposal humans' methodology of corporate financial BS, hire big on the upside because investors have their financial models which dictate X number of employees per X accounting figures regardless of whether or not it takes X number of employees to have challenging and constructive parts to play in the process, followed by layoff big on the

Also, many companies go about swallowing up other companies with not so much as an iota of concern as to the deleterious impacts upon real humans in the real world (witness, the recent merger of H-P and Compaq and 13,000 heads chopped), guiding their financial energies towards acquisitions / takeovers / feathering their corporate towers with goodies for the corporate elite / blocking chances of advancement by long-term loyal employees.

When a downturn hits, lo and behold, it's those long-term loyal employees that get tossed out with the trash.

Many companies treat employees as if they're disposable waste, pressuring said employees to enslave themselves to corporate chicanery and anti-humanism.

Survival for said employees?

Only available to those willing to center their survival on political submission to whims of authoritarian n'er-do-wells and -that- becomes the workplace, and back-stabbing and gossip and creeping out on coworkers becomes a way-of-life ... evil ... pervasive ... anti-human .... and sickening to the most basic concepts of human decency and respect for human rights.

In that kind of atmosphere, work becomes a jungle of human monkeys, all monkey-see / monkey-do, monkey-see no evil-hear no evil-speak no evil, follow the leader, keep all of that which makes you human to yourself, cower before your masters 'cause you're all in a zoo and if you dare to try to make a difference, or show the slightest bit of original thinking, it's your ass that gets tossed when the corporate 'hit list' button is pressed ...

Just a few problems there, with corporatized America, don't you think?