-1- of over 8,000,000,000,000,000,000,000
(8 sextillion)?

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Perhaps, but that's just an estimate. Details follow.

The expansion of the particular space-time con-
tinuum we inhabit took place approximately 13.7
billion years ago, and leading theories in the cur-
rent day place that event as one of an all-but infinite
(if not infinite) series of events within a naturalistic
11-dimensional realm. Put another way, our universe
is likely one of an all-but infinite if not infinite number
of universes. Space is far from empty, with the vac-
uum loaded with quantum happenings.

To reflect upon how significant each of us, ponder
the fact we haven't so much as visited, in person,
our closest planet, yet we're aware that there are
over 80 billion galaxies in the particular space-time
continuum we inhabit, with perhaps over 100 billion
solar systems in each of those galaxies, for a total
of over ...

... ~8,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 (8 sextillion)
solar systems in our particular universe, with solar
systems being born and ending in cataclysmic super-
nova explosions on an ongoing basis.

All of that, and we, humankind, hasn't the intelligence
or will to even adventure to our closest planet, though
we do find hope in the fact that we managed to get
to our sole moon, 35 years ago ... with the depressing
angle being that we have nothing but vague plans to
visit our closest planet, in person, sometime in the
next 15-to-20 years or so ...

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