Bacteria "Resurrected"?
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And verily, 32,000 years ago, a group of bacteria
died for the 'sins' of all earth life for all of time,
and recently, thanks to science, this group of
bacteria rose from the dead. All hail the 'holy'
bacteria, proving that they are, indeed, bacteria
of God.

Believe these bacteria rose from the dead, and
you'll live forever in an indescribably wonderful
heaven. Disbelieve and yikes, no telling what
might happen to you. (-:

All hail the bacteria of God, Carnobacterium


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Feb. 24, 2005

Bacteria found in Arctic tunnel come to life in the lab

"A new type of organism discovered in an Arctic
tunnel came to life in the lab after being frozen for
32,000 years. ..."

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Speaking of which, this reminds me of a story of a
'resurrection', so to speak, occurring to Anna Bagen-
holm a few years ago ...

Friday, 28 January, 2000, 13:50 GMT
Skier revived from clinical death
Excerpt: "A female skier made a full recovery after she
fell into icy water and her body temperature dropped to
just 13.7degC. Normal body temperature is 37degC.
Anna Bagenholm, 29, was brought back to life after
being clinically dead. ... Statistics show only a 10-33%
survival rate for adults whose core body temperature
drops below 28degC.

The previous lowest survived body temperature,
14.4degC, was recorded in a child. Mads Gilbert said:
"Victims of very deep accidental hypothermia with
circulatory arrest should be seen as potentially resuscit-
able with a prospect of full recovery. ... This case really
does bring it home to us how cautious one has to be
before diagnosing death in people who are cold. There
is an old saying that nobody is dead until they are warm
and dead."

- - -

Just to be on the safe side, I suppose under the 'believe
or else' motif of religion, you must believe Anna rose
from the dead in order to get the goodies and if you dis-
believe, bad news for your eternity plans, but hey, -if-
believing anyone who states some living being(s) died
and rose from the dead is 'key' to immortality, just believe
in every 'rise from the dead' claim, and you should be
covered by the philosophy that "God likes belief in resur-

Then again, if God doesn't like people believing in resur-
rections ...

Oh well, humans really are into a guessing game when
it comes to what their imagined being wants, aren't they?
Heck, if it was so easy to ascertain what the supposed
superbeing called God was all about, everyone would
follow the same religion. If, on the other hand, humans
just made up all the God stuff ...

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New religions, based on the above?

Carnobacterium pleistoceniumism


Just believe. (-:

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