Astronomers Find a Billion Light-Years
Without Matter
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How big is your sandbox?

Well, no matter how big you imagine it
to be, scientists have discovered a billion
light-years of no matter within it. What is
it, why is it, how did it get there? Science
is stumped. Philosophers? Yet to weigh

Intelligent Design fans? No doubt, it is
perceived as part of the mystery of God
-or- as evidence that, indeed, God did it,
'cause God, known as the creator in ID
circles, is perceived as being the 1st
cause of everything, no matter what.

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August 23, 2007

Astronomers Find Gaping Hole In The Universe
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Science Daily - University of Minnesota
astronomers have found an enormous hole
in the Universe, nearly a billion light-years
across, empty of both normal matter such
as stars, galaxies and gas, as well as the
mysterious, unseen "dark matter."


"Although our surprising results need inde-
pendent confirmation, the slightly lower
temperature of the CMB in this region
appears to be caused by a huge hole devoid
of nearly all matter roughly 6-10 billion
light-years from Earth," Rudnick said.

How does a lack of matter cause a lower
temperature in the Big Bang's remnant radi-
ation as seen from Earth?


The answer lies in dark energy, which
became a dominant force in the Universe
very recently, when the Universe was
already three-quarters of the size it is

Dark energy works opposite gravity and
is speeding up the expansion of the Uni-


The acceleration of the Universe's expan-
sion, and thus dark energy, were discovered
less than a decade ago.

The physical properties of dark energy are
unknown, though it is by far the most abundant
form of energy in the Universe today.

Learning its nature is one of the most funda-
mental current problems in astrophysics.


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Someone responded:

> god was obviously on vacation

> If he can take a day off every seven and rest (why the
> most powerful, most omniscent, strongest entity in the
> universe would ever need to rest is beyond me but that's
> for another discussion), I don't see why he couldn't take
> a vacation.

> Indeed the dude probably built up some serious vacation
> time after creating the heavens and earth and all the
> insects and birds and animals and trees and plant and
> then to top it all off us

... in a naturally evolved and vast beyond
vast realm of matter and energy, most of
which is dark, accelerating its expansion
in a manner unknown 'til 10 years ago, a
previously undiscovered naturally caused
billion light-year gap in matter and energy
exists, a revelation which may some day
lead us to discover critical aspects of our
naturalistic origins heretofore unknown ...

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Someone responded:

> REPLY:  There is great design , engineering, and fine
> tuning of this universe/solar system/earth  , et al... and
> it never comes from accidental Matter without intelligence
> or a will.

Matter is natural. Energy is natural.
Most matter and energy are dark, in
the particular universe we happen
to inhabit.

Someone responded:

> Further, if you're going to TRY to write off the personal
> Creator ,  then you have to substitute that Nothing created
> something from nothing --- a violation of the established
> law of causality.

The nature of nothing/everything:

Universe(s) Origin(s) 7 of 7 - Nothing / Everything
(Top Posts - Science - 072802)
Excerpts from "The Book of Nothing - Vacuums, Voids,
and the Latest Ideas about the Origins of the Universe"
(John D. Barrow, ISBN 0-375-42099-1) ...

Everything From Everlasting Not-Quite Nothing ...
(Top Posts - Science - 040401)
... well, not really from not-quite nothing, more
like from a world that's theoretically everywhere
and every'when' while at the same time nowhere
in our substantive experience, a world that has
always been and will always be, the sub-atomic
quantum world ...

Someone responded:

> Lastly,  if youre going to run the personal Creator down
> (as if he didn't exist...) then you have to substitute that
> personality and emotions including moral oughtness,
> understanding of ethical systems, abstract thinking,
> intuition, empathy, love, hate, et al....  all arrived from....
> non personal Materials like rock, dirt, and gas.   Not even
> an atheist truly believes in this utter nonsense .

The scientific theories entailing the processes
involved in likely origins of life (on earth)
include a wide array of scenarios and possi-
bilities, and are inaccurately conveyed by the
phrase "rock, dirt, and gas".

Origins of Energy, Matter, Space, Time, and Life (1 of 2)
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Origins of Energy, Matter, Space, Time, and Life (2 of 2)

Preponderance of Evidence for Naturalistic
Origins and Evolution of Life (1 of 3)

Preponderance of Evidence for Naturalistic
Origins and Evolution of Life (2 of 3)

Preponderance of Evidence for Naturalistic
Origins and Evolution of Life (3 of 3)

While some (many?) at NASA may believe
"God did it" is a seductive concept, NASA
has embarked on an ambitious program to
deal with the physical realities of life's ori-
gins and spread, as expressed at the follow-
ing website:


Astrobiology is the study of life in the universe.
It investigates the origin, evolution, distribution,
and future of life on Earth and beyond.  Astro-
biology addresses three fundamental questions:
How does life begin and evolve?  Is there life
beyond Earth and how can we detect it?  What
is the future of life on Earth and in the universe?

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Somone responded:

> The promise given you, is that, within ONE heartbeat you
> will immediately come to realization that you have been
> willfully duped into hoping that this personal Theistic
> Creator doesnt exist.

One heartbeat = approximately .7 seconds, or
thereabouts, and after reading your post, twice,
and responding to it 'til this point, many heart-
beats have passed, and I am no closer to believing
a magic being is behind all this than I was prior
to reading your post.

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Somone responded:

> Right now is the time to get right with him, tell him you're
> sorry for being a rebel and sinning to your hearts content,
> and ask for complete forgiveness in the name of Jesus
> Christ,  the one who claimed to be this Creator and who
> proved it by conquering death.

It's in my nature to rebel, though I must admit,
after over 50 years on earth, my rebellious
nature is somewhat less than it was in times
gone by. Nevertheless, it's still strong with
me, for better, or worse.

Forgiveness has intrinsic value in its relief
of inordinate focus on past perceived mis-
deeds, when directed towards others who
actually exist, but keep in mind, it has very
little to do with verity or with search for
verity, and can, in fact, when overdone, lead
one to a path apart from verity.

Also, even though I succeeded in forgiving
a few, kinda sorta, my motivation in that was
self-preservation, and I as of yet have not
done the 'forgive and forget' thing, for rea-
sons having to do with verity and search for
verity and respect for verity. Perceived past
transgressions, however, no longer play as
big a role in my consciousness as they once

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Somone responded:

> Holding onto pride and rebellion will never be worth
> it in the very final analysis.

Sanctity of mind, spirit, and one's own self-
worth are not subordinated by belief in magic
beings, places, and promises, at least not in
the hearts and minds of those freed from such

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Somone responded:

> Join the many many modern scientists, Founders of
> the Sciences, Presidents, Generals,  Great Philosophers,
> and everyday people  who love God and who have had
> a personal relationship with him that will go on into
> eternity.

> Regards.

The immortality seduction is strong with many.
The doubts regarding such matters are strong
with many, for it comes across as a simple fairy
tale. If you recall, the 9-11 mass murderers be-
lieved they would be rewarded for their mass
murder, in heaven, so such fairy tales, not nearly
as much of a positive as most perceive them to
be. And, lest you forget, christians used to be
into killing for their faith (some still are), so
keep that in mind when assessing the moral
positives and negatives of such a belief.

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Somone responded:

> Quote from Sir Arthur Keith, a noted anthropologist and
> devout Darwinian Evolutionist : " Evolution is unproved
> and unprovable. We believe it because the only alternative
> is special creation, and that is unthinkable"

The accumulation of evidence regarding evolution
has continued to grow at an expanding rate since
Arthur Keith's death in January, 1955. The lack of
one iota of evidence regarding "special creation"
has continued, unending. "Special creation" isn't
science, it's religion. As for Arthur Keith's com-
ment that "special creation ... is unthinkable", I'd
posit that one can think about it, a lot, but one can-
not overcome the lack of evidence for such a thing,
nor can one overcome the preponderance of evi-
dence for natural law dictating the manner in which
reality operates.

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