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The Hitchhiker's Guide to Black Holes

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The Endless Univers
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September, 1997)
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~~~ 2001 ~~~

Posted 07/20/2001 ...
Rutgers' Black Hole Discovery: The First Galaxy
Without One Or The Smallest Black Hole Yet?
Rutgers astronomers have made a provocative
discovery -- the first galaxy without a supermassive
black hole (SBH) at its center or the smallest black
hole ever detected in the center of a galaxy. They
used the Hubble Space Telescope to observe the
galaxy ...

Posted 06/26/2001 ...
Study Stirs Old Debate About Galaxies
Using a technique that peeks over obscuring rings
of dust and gas and into the hearts of distant galaxies,
a researcher has found evidence suggesting that as
many as half of the bright, active galaxies known as
Seyfert 2 galaxies may have significantly less active
central black holes ...

Posted 06/06/2001 ...
Chandra Sees Wealth Of Black Holes
In Star-Forming Galaxies
NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has found new
populations of suspected mid-mass black holes in
several starburst galaxies, where stars form and
explode at an unusually high rate. ...

Posted 05/15/2001 ...
Chandra X-Ray Observatory Examines Black Holes
Large And Small In Nearby Galaxy
Probing a large, nearby galaxy in the constellation of
Circinus, NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory presents
a new view of both the galaxy's supermassive black
hole and a host of potential smaller black holes sprinkled
throughout its spiral arms. ...

Posted 05/08/2001 ...
Chandra X-ray Observatory Pinpoints Edge Of
Accretion Disk Around Black Hole
Using four NASA space observatories, astronomers
have shown that a flaring black hole source has an
accretion disk that stops much farther out than some
theories predict. ...

Posted 05/02/2001 ...
Black Holes May Take Space For A Spin
As if black holes weren't menacing enough, astronomers
now have observational evidence that at least some of them
spin about like whirlpools, wrapping up the fabric of space
with them. ...

Posted 03/29/2001
Black hole excites astronomers
Astronomers have discovered a relatively small black hole
in the halo that envelops the Milky Way. Scientists have
already detected a black hole at the very heart of our galaxy,
but this is the first time that one of these weird objects has
been found outside the main disc of material that sits on
the galactic plane. ...

Posted 02/20/2001 ...
Galaxies And Black Holes: You Can't Have One
Without The Other
Galaxies and black holes are so intimately connected that
it is almost impossible to find one without the other ...

Posted 01/24/2001 ...
Scientists Discover Supernova May Control Activity
In The Center Of Our Galaxy
Scientists using NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory
have discovered that an apparent supernova remnant in
the center of our galaxy might help regulate a nearby
supermassive black hole and that such relationships
between supernova remnants and black holes ...

Posted 01/11/2001 ...
"Death Spiral" Around A Black Hole Yields
Tantalizing Evidence Of An Event Horizon
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope may have,
for the first time, provided direct evidence for
the existence of black holes by observing the
disappearance of matter as it falls beyond the ...

~~~ 2000 ~~~

Posted 12/26/2000 ...
University Of Texas Researchers Measure
Supermassive Black Holes In Distant Galaxies
Two astronomers at The University of Texas at
Austin, working with an international team of
collaborators, have shown that they can provide
reliable measurements of black hole masses for
active galactic nuclei such as quasars even at
great distances....

Posted 12/19/2000
Journey to the galactic core
The conditions in the central region of our galaxy are
dramatically different from anywhere else in the Milky
Way. At the very core of the galaxy lies an object
astronomers call Sagittarius A*. It is believed to be
a supermassive black hole of about 2.6 million times
the mass of our Sun. ...

Posted 12/01/2000
Black hole takes 'light snack'
An animation of the fast-moving stars at the centre
of our galaxy shows up clearly the location where
a massive black hole is thought to reside. ...

Posted 11/03/2000 ...
High Rate Of Star Births Linked To Supermassive
Black Holes
The unusually high rates of star births seen in some
galaxies may be linked to voracious black holes at the
center of those galaxies ....

Posted 09/20/2000
Scientists look into Milky Way core
Astronomers have obtained the most detailed observations
yet of the stars that swirl around the supermassive black
hole thought to reside at our galaxy's core. ...

Posted 09/14/2000
Scientists to 'see' black hole
Scientists think they can build an X-ray observatory that
will for the first time allow them to "see" a black hole.
The researchers have successfully tested a small prototype
which if scaled up could be a million times more powerful
than today's observatories. ...

Posted 09/12/2000 ...
Chandra Clinches Case For Unexpected Black
Hole Discovery
There's new evidence the universe is home to a type
of black hole that's not too large and not too small. As
black holes go, it's a middleweight that may represent
the missing link between its flyweight relatives and the
super-heavyweight variety ...

Posted 06/08/2000 ...
New Generation Of X-Ray Telescopes May Solve
Giant Black Hole Mysteries
Future orbiting X-ray telescopes should confirm
whether gigantic black holes in the universe, some
of which are thought to weigh as much as several
billion stars, are spinning like flywheels ...

Posted 06/05/2000 ...
Galaxies Collide And Binary Black Holes Result
According To Rutgers Astronomers
Rutgers astronomers have used large-scale computer
simulations to generate compelling evidence for the
existence of binary supermassive black holes at the
centers of merged galaxies. ...

Posted 06/05/2000 ...
Black Holes Shed Light On Galaxy Formation
Astronomers are concluding that monstrous black
holes weren't simply born big but instead grew on a
measured diet of gas and stars controlled by their
host galaxies in the formative years of the universe. ...

Posted 06/05/2000 ...
Chandra Observes Cloud Powered By Black Hole
In Distant Galaxy
NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has shown that
a giant gas cloud is being blasted by X-rays from the
vicinity of a giant black hole which lurks in its center. ...

Posted 05/25/2000 ...
Chandra Clocks 1 Million MPH Wind Expanding
From Vicinity Of Black Hole
NASA's Chandra X-ray Observatory has examined the
stormy environs of a giant black hole in the active galaxy
NGC 3783 and measured the dramatic effects of intense
radiation produced by matter before it plunges into the
black hole. ...

Posted 05/16/2000 ...
Scientists Find Evidence For Black Hole In
Nearby Galaxy
Scientists studying a nearby galaxy have found
evidence of a supermassive black hole similar in
size to one believed to lie in our own Milky Way.
They've also observed a swirl of matter being
pulled into the hole's center ...

Posted 01/18/2000 ...
"Great Show-Off" Black Hole Is Producing Massive
Shock Waves, Cornell Astronomer Reports
Something really shocking is going on in a microquasar,
or black hole, dubbed "Old Faithful," some 40,000 light
years from Earth. It seems to be behaving like a giant
particle collider, with massive shock waves generating
eruptions every 45 to 90 minutes. This is the second
time that Old Faithful, the first known microquasar in
our galaxy, the Milky Way, has been observed to be
acting strangely. ...

Posted 01/13/2000 ...
Lone Black Holes Discovered Adrift In The Galaxy
Two international teams of astronomers using NASA's
Hubble Space Telescope and ground-based telescopes
in Australia and Chile have discovered the first examples
of isolated stellar-mass black holes adrift among the stars
in our galaxy. ...

Posted 01/13/2000 ...
Chandra Image May Reveal Black Hole In The
Milky Way
Culminating 25 years of searching by astronomers,
researchers at Massachusetts Institute of Technology
say that a faint X-ray source, newly detected by NASA's
Chandra X-ray Observatory, may be the long-sought
X-ray emission from a known supermassive black
hole ...

Posted 01/13/2000 ...
Which Came First: Black Hole Or Galaxy?
"The formation and evolution of galaxies are intimately
connected to the presence of a central massive black hole,"
said Douglas Richstone, leader of the research team and
a University of Michigan professor of astronomy. "Radia-
tion and high-energy particles released by the formation
and growth of black holes are the dominant sources of
heat and kinetic energy for star-forming gas in proto-
galaxies." ....

Posted 01/13/2000 ...
Chandra Finds A "Cool" Black Hole At The Heart
Of The Andromeda Galaxy
In its first look at the Andromeda Galaxy (M31), NASA's
Chandra X-ray Observatory has found that the gas fun-
neling into a supermassive black hole in the heart of this
galaxy is a "cool" million degrees. ...

Posted 12/15/1999 ...
First Image Of Black Hole's "Shadow" May Be
Possible Soon
A "picture" of the massive black hole thought to be
lurking at the heart of our home galaxy may be within
astronomers' reach in the next few years ...

Posted 09/08/1999 ...
The Biggest Crashes In The Universe
For the first time scientists from the Max Planck Institute
for Gravitational Physics (Albert Einstein Institute) in
Golm near Potsdam, Germany, have simulated how two
black holes merged into each other in a grazing collision. ...

Posted 04/14/1999 ...
Astronomers Discover "Middleweight" Black Holes
The field of black holes, formerly dominated by
heavyweights packing the gravitational punch of a
billion Suns and lightweights just a few times heavier
than our Sun, now has a new contender ...

Posted 06/22/1998 ...
Hubble Uncovers Dust Disk Around A Massive
Black Hole
Resembling a gigantic hubcap in space, a 3,700
light-year-diameter dust disk encircles a 300 million
solar-mass black hole in the center of the elliptical
galaxy NGC 7052....

Posted 06/19/1998 ...
"Big Bang 2" Linked By UCSD Astrophysicists
To The Birth Of A Supermassive Black Hole
The incredible burst of gamma rays detected last
December 14, surpassed in power only by the
original Big Bang, may be the lingering cry of
millions of stars being engulfed by a newly born
monster black hole at the edge of the universe. ...

Posted 05/15/1998 ...
Hubble Provides Multiple Views Of How To
Feed A Black Hole
Astronomers have obtained an unprecedented look
at the nearest example of galactic cannibalism -- a
massive black hole hidden at the center of a nearby
giant galaxy that is feeding on a smaller galaxy in a
spectacular collision. ...

Posted 01/09/1998 ...
"Old Faithful" Black Hole In Our Galaxy Ejects Mass
Equal To An Asteroid At Fantastic Speeds
Scientists observing a disk of matter surrounding a
black hole in our galaxy have discovered that the disk
is periodically disrupted and hurled outward in opposite
directions from the black hole, in jets moving at nearly
the speed of light....

Posted 09/11/1997 ...
Hubble Finds A Bare Black Hole Pouring Out Light
Probing the heart of the active galaxy NGC 6251,
NASA's Hubble Space Telescope has provided a
never-before-seen view of a warped disk or ring of
dust caught in a blazing torrent of ultraviolet light
from a suspected massive black hole....

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